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Pekingese one of the most decent pet that ever you can have at your place!

If you are a pet lover, then you can’t stop yourself from this Pekingese breed of dogs. Often they are classified to be one of the ancient breeds of dogs that originated from China. In fact, it is their resemblance that shakes buyers certainly because some people consider this breed to be similar to lion appearance. Today especially the royal families are seen as the masters of this Chinese breed of dog. Other than this a wide range of characteristics and health problems are persisting among them. Why are these breed popular? Often pet lovers demand of dogs that are …

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Welcome home a cute and adorable Papillon dog

Papillon dog is one of the cutest breeds of dogs. The dogs of this breed have ears like of a butterfly wing and so they got their name from the same concept. The cute little Papillon puppy is very adorable and has really lovely eyes. The dog has following features to attract you towards his pretty smile: Adorable round face Perfect scissors bite teeth Ears are beautiful butterfly wing style Round black thin rimmed eyes Long and furry tail Single four fine coat The Papillon dog has the most amazing features in the entire dog species. They are very quick, …

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Get yourself the ever friendly and protective mastiff dogs

mastiff dog Breed Information

The existence of mastiffs has been there even before the time that history was started to be written. There are many carvings which have been found from the palace of Ashurbanipal in Babylon which depict large size dogs going to hunt the lions in the dry desert areas right near the river Tigris. These enormous hunting dogs had immense similarity to that of the mastiffs of today. The ancient origin of the mastiffs You will find that these curving have now been displayed in the museum in England. These dogs were first introduced by the Phoenician merchants in the early …

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Drag your pet out of chains when you have Maltese breed of dog!

Maltese Dog Breed Information

It is quite common to see pets at home today. Among these pets, the maximum group is for dogs. In order to make this group stronger Maltese breed plays a very crucial role. These are considered to be the smaller category breed that can enhance the toy group further with their adorability. These breeds of dogs were born in the Central Mediterranean Areas. One of the fearless breeds of dogs that can be loved by all and considered as a friend is the major focus. What makes its special? Keeping a pet at home has been a trend this season. …

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How to find out the specialties of the Keeshond?

Keeshond Dog Breed Information

If you are looking for a medium sized dog, then Keeshond will not disappoint you. There are two layers of coat and a curled tail that makes it special. It was founded in Germany after that there are many countries where you can see this breed. There are different names in the different countries. The previous name had been changed in the year of 1926 in England now it has a new name which is Dutch Barge Dog. What are the qualities of this breed? There are many qualities in the Keeshond such as bright and cheerful nature. You should …

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Japanese Spitz one of the friendly breed of dogs!

Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Information

Are you a pet lover then how about getting Japanese Spitz at home? People often get attracted towards pets that are lovable and decent. It is the behavioral trait of dog that makes them common within owners. These breed of dog having a size in between small to medium has been a great companion for people. A different variety of Spitz dogs is seen existing in your surrounding and other places. So why not get some more idea for this Spitz breed. Which traits are categorizing Japanese Spitz from others? A breed of Japanese Spitz has been popularly seen at …

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