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Everything you need to know about schnauzer puppies

Miniature Schnauzer Dogs and Puppies

Overall A Schnauzer is one of the most likeable dog breeds out there and one which people love to take as their pets. It is a compact and robust dog which is naturally very small in its size. Like most other breeds, it has whiskers, a shaggy beard and a pair of arched eyebrows as well. It also comes with a pretty long moustache which needs to be regularly sheared. It also has a firm coat of sinewy hair on its body, the colour of which varies from black, salt and pepper, white and black or even silver. The tail …

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What makes you fall for the Westie Terrier?

westie terrier breed

The nickname of the westie terrier dog is Westie. Most of the people also call them as westy. It was found in the Scottish lands. There are many modern techniques which are used to enhance the breeding program. It has made the breed more distinctive with a white coat.  You should conduct well training because of the independent nature. It will not take too much time for the new exercise. What makes them attractive? When it comes to the physical appearance of the Westy, you will love the see the dark color of the dog. The ears are pointed and …

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