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australian shepherd dog breed information
australian shepherd dog breed information

Knowing everything about Australian Shepherd dog

Australian Shepherd is a medium sized, robust dog which originally was bred in the USA. They are intelligent; active dogs with a desire to protect their owners from every possible threat. Energetic and playful, they can work for the whole day and won’t get tired of the process. They are always very devoted to their owners and are faithful companions. They are obedient, skilful and always with an intention to please their masters. Let’s look at the characteristics of this dog breed in this article.



They are medium sized and can weight up to 30-70 pounds when fully grown. An Australian Shepherd comes in varieties of colours, are attractive looking with a solid and muscular body. They are born with tails ranging from short to long, protective outer coats with underlying inner coats, triangular ears at the side of the head, soft hairs and strong legs. In all, they look like a dog with a high personality.

australian shepherd dog
australian shepherd dog breed

Understanding Australian Shepherd dog

Bred to be working dogs, they have a high energy level.  They like to work and must always be provided with something to do. Training and early socialisation is a must needed thing for them. As they are intelligent and hardworking, it’s not that difficult to train them. They must be always engaged in activities, be it mental or physical. As they are protective in nature, early training can prove fruitful at times.

They are courageous and intelligent dogs, so they are at their best when it comes to protecting their family. They are loyal and devoted to the people they know and become fierce to protect them from the people whom they consider as threats. So the Australian Shepherd puppies must be trained as early as possible on how to behave with strangers, with kids and other domestic pets. It must be noted that, without proper training, they may turn quite ferocious in their adulthood, though it is a rare case.

Bringing guests at home and training these dogs not to be wary of them would be a good practice. But it should be kept in mind that, they must be trained to detect suspicious things and alert their owners when they sense threats from strangers. Talking about exercises, they need heavy activities, so taking them for short evening walk won’t do any good. They must be provided with hard exercises. Hiring a trainer for a puppy would be a good idea.

They are only aggressive while working, otherwise they very loyal, friendly and affectionate to the people they know. They love to play, and if trained properly, they can be good companions for the kids and be their playmates. Just you must be cautious because of their habit of chasing others, a habit shown by herding dogs. If not trained properly, they may chase your kids or other humans and bring unintentional harms.

australian shepherd dog
australian shepherd puppies

Taking care of Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd puppies must not be given hard training as given to their adult counterparts. The adult ones must be engaged in activities or provided with a companion most of the times, or else they may turn destructive. They have a tendency to go out of the house, which in turn may create problems, so you must make arrangements so that the dog remains within the permitted area. Training them and making them learn to avoid inappropriate behaviours is advisable.

They are originally bred for herding, which has both positive and negative effects. They have the intention to chase others. So they may chase anyone including the kids, toddlers and friendly guests, a sign not good for domestic dogs. So a specialised trainer can be hired to train them. Do not buy the dog if you are a first-time dog owner because they need to be handled with experience and care. Consult reputable Australian Shepherd breeders before buying a puppy.


Good nutritive foods must be provided to them from their puppyhood to adulthood. Regular brushing of coats and teeth, trimming of nails and checking for infections must be done. They are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, deafness, cataracts, allergies, cancer and etc. So if you notice any abnormal behaviour or symptoms of these diseases, immediately contact the vets. Making them undergo regular health check-ups is advisable.

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Points to be noted

There are several breeders in the USA and the UK. You just have to find the right Australian Shepherd Breeders before buying a puppy. You must study a puppy and learn about it from the breeders before buying. Several factors like early up bribing, how they were brought up, have they exposed to a lot of people and etc. matters in shaping up the personality of Australian Shepherds. Also, the health status of a puppy must be checked before buying. Once everything seems perfect about a dog, you may consider buying it.

Australian Shepherd Dog Pictures

australian shepherd breeders australian shepherd breeders Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd