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Beagle Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Beagle Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Get the ever friendly and fiercely loyal beagle dog



Are you looking forward to buying a family pet? You will get to choose from a wide variety of dogs available. However, if you recently want a family dog, you can always give the gentle and ever so affectionate beagle a fair chance. The beagle dog is highly appropriate as pets for the family mainly due to their playful nature.

They are very friendly and love to well, which is one trait which makes them all the more likeable and popular amidst both the children as well as the adults. Also, this particular breed of dog has been found to be highly intelligent and similar to most of the dogs belonging to the hound family, it also has a stubborn side to itself. Thus when it comes to giving training or housebreaking to the beagle dog, it becomes quite a challenging job as compared to training the other breed of dogs.

Training your beagle requires a lot of patience

But once you have successfully trained the beagle puppies with all the various rules and regulations of your house and have successfully disciplined him, you will find that he will always remember them and will follow them obediently without forgetting them. Another thing which the beagle have is a strong sense of smell which, though is a benefit, might pose to be an obstacle while you are imparting training to them, mainly due to the fact that they tend to get highly distracted by the various smells.

beagle puppies
beagle puppies

This is exactly the reason behind never allowing them to go off the leash unless you have your very own backyard which is completely secured and well-fenced. If the dog smells anything which seems to be interesting to him, he will go running off, looking for that smell thus making it highly difficult for you to find him and round him up again.

On the other hand, this particular breed of dog is quite the social animal, and he loves to spend quality time with his families and people he like and thus will be quite the fun addition to your family bringing you loads of joy and enjoyment.

It is highly crucial that you start imparting training to the beagle puppies as soon as you have brought them home from their beagle breeders. If you start from the very beginning, it will be relatively easier to teach and train him the rules and regulations of your house instead of trying to change all the bad habits your dog might have taken up due to the lack of training.

Beagle Dog Breed
Beagle Dog Breed Information

They can be quite stubborn

Always remember that they have quite a stubborn streak to their nature and hence training them will prove to be quite a challenge will take a lot of patience, effort and time from your side in order to make it successful.

One thing which you do is make a plan an intensive session of crate training for a period of about two to four months before you will find your dog to be completely housebroken. This specific mode of training is supposed to take the shortest time, and it has been found that other forms of training will take even more time.

It is also very important that this dog gets a lot of time for the purpose of playing and running and it should be taken out on daily walks as they are quite an important thing for them. They have quite a lot of energy and are very athletic.

Thus it is mandatory to take your dog for regular exercises, and walking sessions as it keeps him happy and healthy and training him will also be quite easier. Thus if you are someone who wishes to make an addition to their walking partner or companion, then this dog is just the right one for you.



They are quite a friendly dog

They are quite the best addition to your entire family. However, you should take time, do some research and collect all the various information about them which will help you in deciding or determining whether or not the dog is perfect and a positive addition to your family and home. Also keep in mind that they are highly sensitive animals and thus will require quite a lot of care and love, mainly in the first and primary few months in your house while he is being trained.

Also when it comes to the act of obedience training and housebreaking them, you will have to provide them with an extra amount of endurance and patience. They are very loyal to their master and love children. They are quite the entertainers and will show you a lot if antics which will amuse you and make you roll on the floor laughing. You can always talk to the beagle breeders and get to know more about them.

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