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Best dog breeds those fits perfectly in a family

Choosing a dog for a family can be a hard job, especially when there are varieties of dog breeds available in the market. There are various points to be considered while choosing a dog such as- his skills, talent, adjusting ability with each and every member of the family, nature, physical structure and more. So this article is aimed to understand few best dog breeds so that you can take proper decision while buying a dog for your family.


Points to be noted before looking for a family dog

You must check certain factors before choosing a dog for your family. Few of the important factors are listed below.

  • Various dog breeds behave Some prefer socialising with everyone of the families, whereas some prefer to listen only to the owner. So it must be checked whether the dog is safe for all family members.
  • Age and life span of the dog is an important factor. If you want to raise a dog, go for a puppy. Also, if you want a dog that would serve you for a longer time, buy one with a longer life span.
  • The energy level of the dog matters. Some dogs are lazy and attention seeking, whereas some are helpful in protecting your house, your family members, can accompany you for a long walk,
  • How much care a dog requires matters as well. If you are a busy person, you must choose a dog breed that doesn’t require extensive care and can take care of themselves most of the times. But there are other breeds those require proper care, regular grooming, visits to veterinary doctors, So all these things should be kept in mind.
  • If you have other pets in your home, just check if the dog is suitable for them or can adjust with the other pets in the house. These are the major points to be noted before looking for the best dog breeds.

Best dog breeds and their natures

Let’s mention few of the best dog breeds and examine their natures.

bulldog breeds

  • Bulldog– Known for their laziness, bulldogs is one of the less energetic dogs amongst the dog breeds. This factor though doesn’t make it any less for a good companion to kids. They can adjust themselves with the other pets of the house easily. But you have to keep in mind that they need extensive regular care like regular teeth cleaning, dirt cleaning from the muscular folds around their tail and more.

beagle dog

  • Beagle– Beagles are one of the most kid friendly dogs. Unlike Bulldogs, they are energetic and can be very good companions. They can accompany you on long walks or hunts and can play games with you. They are never tired of these things. But they need good treatment and regular caring like brushing, washing, cleaning,

bull terrier dog

  • Bull Terrier– They are one of the best household dogs, and do not need extra caring for themselves. They are energetic and playful, but may sometimes be mischievous in nature. Perfect companions for kids, but are not suitable for other pets in the house. It is advised to keep other pets out of his reach if you plan to buy Bull Terrier.

collie dog

  • Collie– Intelligent, gentle and energetic, they can be used as herding dogs. They are very obedient, smart, and are suitable for a family. They have long hairs, so they need regular grooming. There are two-three different types of this dog breed available, and all are family friendly.

newfoundland dog

  • Newfoundland– Patient, obedient, kind, gentle, child-friendly and intelligent, they are counted as one of the best dog breeds. They top in swimming and can be easily trained. All you need to do is keep them indoors, as they hate staying outdoors.

irish setter dog

  • Irish Setter– They is energetic, playful and needs frequent training. They love staying with the family, so they are the most obedient ones when in the company of his master and his family.

poodle dog

  • Poodle– Smart and gentle, these dogs are available in standard and miniature sizes. They are smart, playful adventures, perfectly good for kids and often shy around strangers. They are very loyal breeds, so are a perfect family companion.

labrador retriever dog

  • Labrador Retriever– One of the most popular dog breeds, they are energetic, loyal, playful, smart, intelligent and perfectly suitable for a family with kids.

golden retriever dog

  • Golden Retriever– They are one of the best dog breeds, widely used as household dogs. They are not very aggressive, neither too shy to protect his family. Playful, energetic, and patient, they are one of the all-rounders amongst the dog breeds. They can adjust themselves to most places, yet are advised to keep indoors with proper care.


Above mentioned dogs are mostly used as household pets, especially the Golden Retriever. It is advisable for you to buy one of the above mentioned best dog breeds.