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Bichon Frise Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Bichon Frise Dog Breed Information

Let this adorable bichon frise dog be your companion!

Are you a pet lover? Then you should have heard of bichon frise dog. Often pretty looking and small breed dogs are mostly preferred by people. But when it comes to Bichon dogs you would be surprised to know that Bichon is from a non-sporting family of dogs. In fact, they are a toy category, breed of dogs that are cheerful and pleasant by behavior. Pursuing such behavioral qualities makes them loved by humans. Let’s have a complete look at their lifestyle.


Why should you choose Bichon?

When you are looking for a small and sturdy dog, which is playful by nature without being outdoors often, then definitely you would love this breed of bichon dogs. Being peaceful from inside, this breed of dog often feel secure at home and prefers being indoor. The magnificent quality which drags buyer’s attention is their bold and cute appearance. Having curly white hairs, with alertness makes them good in comparable to other pets. Less aggressive by nature allows you to purchase this breed.

bichon frise dog

How does a bichon appear?

The Bichon frise weighs 5 to 10 kg approximately being smaller in size. They even stand up to 23 to 30 cm at their withers. This breed of dogs pursues a slightly rounder skull, and their tail is also grooming. Its dark eyes round in shape are their major center of attraction. Often at times some of these breeds are seen with less number of hairs on their body but still looks adorable. So their appearance depends completely upon the hairs present on their bodies.

Other characteristic traits that bichon has:

  • Often pets with excessive hairs on bodies are seen attacked with mats. Bichon could also face the similar issues of mats coating for free. Thus in order to get the bichon frise puppies free and secure, they should have a daily routine of combing and brush their hairs with every 5 weeks trimming. Never let them being over hairy and puffy. It is your responsibility to keep your pets secured and mats free to have them with a clean lifestyle.
  • Often most of the bichon dogs are seen leading a healthy life for living a longevity lifespan. But unfortunately, some of these breeds may be seen prone to harmful skin conditions like scratching and chewing their bodies often. At many times fleas, grass, chemicals, pollens, are found to be allergic for these bichon breeds. So feeding gets your duty and necessity tremendously to keep bichon healthy in order to avoid infections, joints problems, etc. from infecting bichon.
  • Being a pet lover, you should be confined to your responsibilities towards your pet bichon. Thus Bichon fries being a behavior-oriented breed of dogs needs to be taken care of in terms of their housebreaking teachings. So you should get them a perfect routine and a yard especially when it’s raining outside. Often this breed of dog won’t move out in the rain for housebreaking. If you are a clean person, then keep your pets clean too. This can only be achieved if you follow housebreaking yards for your bichon.


  • Unlike another breed of dogs, these bichon frise breeders always require a companionship for themselves such that they are not left behind even for a single moment alone. In fact, when bichon is unhappy they start biting surrounding items and materials. People found these breed of dogs to be very effective in raising alarms especially when thief’s break into your house. So you won’t ever deny them from being at your home that too within your budget.

Health conditions of bichon:

These bichon frise puppies are generally healthy but may even face some problems like:

  • Infections in their bladder and presence of stones. Intake of proteins, magnesium, phosphorous diets that too in excessive may cause urination deficiency.
  • This breed of bichon also suffers from allergies.
  • Bichons are vaccination sensitivity and thus suffers from issues of lethargy, soreness, etc.
  • Hip Dysplasia is another form of the chronic inherited condition among these bichon frise breeders. In it often dogs feel discomfort in their legs and arthritis.
  • Sometimes young bichon can also develop cataracts.

bichon frise puppies


After having a look all through the appearance and health effects of bichon, you would probably need a solution that can guide you through proper caring of bichon. This has been a common fact healthy, and fit dogs are less prone to hazards. So your bichon requires a daily exercise course to stay active. In fact, it is also advisory for you to avoid leaving your bichon frise dog alone for hours.

Smart owners before leaving out keep their bichon safe by locking them up in crates. This helps them avoid intolerable behavioral of bichon. What are you waiting for get your own bichon breed today and enjoy their cuteness?

Bichon Frise Dog Pictures

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