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Border Collie Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Border Collie Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Get hold of a border coolie dog whose energies will rid you of your laziness

Border coolie is mainly used for herding livestock especially sheep. The speciality of this particular breed is its intelligence and obedience. It is often called the Scottish Sheepdog. Besides being intelligent, it is more famous for being extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic. It bears such traits that make it even more suitable for herding purposes. It often competes in sheepdog trials and other dog sports with great success.


Description of border coolie puppies

In general Border, coolie dog is medium-sized with a fair amount of coat which may often be thick and sheds frequently. They have a double coat that is more or less smooth but sometimes rough and curly as well. White and black is the most common colour pattern that you will see around. However, it occurs in almost all other sorts of colour patterns that generally occur in dogs. Interestingly, their ears also vary.

Some of them have fully erect ears while some are fully dropped. Others are found to have semi-erect ears. Therefore, this particular breed is pretty diverse and unique in its ways.

border coolie puppies
border coolie puppies

Temperament of border coolie

As mentioned earlier, Border coolie is a very intelligent breed. Although it is most popular for herding but it is equally famous for being a pet as well. They require considerable daily and rigorous physical training and mental exercise. This particular breed is pretty demanding, playful and energetic. They are better off in places which can provide them with a healthy playful environment either with humans or with other dogs. Somewhat like other working species they are also motion sensitive. This means that they are often found chasing moving vehicles as well.

More traits of a border coolie dog

If you are thinking about going for a Border coolie dog, then you must be concerned about the following traits and characteristics.

  • Providing enough exercise and mental simulation –

This particular breed demands immense physical and mental exercise. They must be given enough opportunities to vent their energy and use their minds to do something creative. Otherwise, they tend to become rambunctious and bored. They usually express their boredom by unlimited barking and destructive chewing which is definitely not something that you will want.

  • Compulsive stalking and chasing –

The dogs of this breed are motion sensitive. That is they are very much obsessed with anything that moves be it children, someone who is jogging, moving vehicles, etc. Some of them, unfortunately, go even beyond this, such that they might seize and kill small running animals as well.

  • Anxiety while separation –

Collies do not prefer to be left alone for more than a few hours. They become anxious which they vent out by barking and chewing which is once again pretty dangerous.


  • Socialisation is very important –

They are basically Standoffish by nature. This breed needs extensive exposure to people and to unusual sounds and sights.

  • Training problems –

Border coolie breeders are extremely intelligent and probably the most capable breeds in the world. They are very eager to learn, and most importantly they learn very, very quickly. But some of them can be very difficult to be trained by the average person. They can be very manipulative ordering you to do what they like to do at that particular time. They want to be the boss and can do anything to prove that they can make you do anything.

  • Sensitive and frustrating –

Border coolie puppies are very sensitive, and they may freeze or “shut down” if you treat them harshly and rudely. They may be very frustrating to train because they are hyper-reactive even to the slightest of sounds and movements that you might make. They keep on guessing what you are going to do next. All of a sudden they will sit, or lie down or run towards you even with the slightest movement of your hand or even if you open your mouth.

  • Fence Security –

A few of them are experts in escaping. For them to be safe, your fences should be quite high enough with wires that should go deep down along the line so as to prevent digging.

border coolie breeders

Life span and health problems of border coolie breeders

Border coolie breeders generally have a life span of 10-14 years with the average lifespan of 12 years. The leading causes of death include cancer, hip dysplasia, eye anomaly and cerebral vascular afflictions. Be aware of this kind of diseases and do not forget to take them for regular check-ups with experienced veterans.

Border coolie puppies can be fun to be with and train, but you need to be equally active and smart so as to keep them under control.

Border Collie Dog Pictures

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