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Borzoi Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Borzoi Dog Breed Information

Borzoi dog breeds and everything you need to know about them

Originally bred as hunting dogs, Borzoi dog breeds have changed much over time. They were bred in Russia, especially for hunting, chasing rabbits, fox, etc. in groups. But now, they are one of the all-rounders among dog breeds. From hunting to being a loyal companion, they can serve their masters almost in every field. So they are one of the popular choices for household pets. Let’s discuss their temperament, behavior, adjusting abilities, etc. in this article.



A Borzoi is a long haired greyhound that resembles certain Asian dog breeds like Afghan hounds, Saluki, etc. They have silky and flat coats those are often curly and wavy. The undercoat thickens in winter to give them warmth, whereas the top long coat mostly remains flat and wavy throughout their life span. Borzois comes in various colors, have tall, lean bodies, strong necks, hard jaws, and narrow heads. In all, their personalities symbolize elegance, refinement, courage and agility.

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Understanding a Borzoi dog

A Borzoi is a quiet, independent and an athletic dog with a strong interest in chasing others. They are gifted with the ability to run at a great speed owing to their hunting nature. As because they mostly stay quiet and barks less, they keep the annoyance within the limit. Borzois are sweet dogs known for their grace and gentleness. They prefer to run long distances and then return home to relax at his favorite places.

A Borzoi dog is sweet, loving and affectionate towards its family members. Though these dogs are of calm nature, they must not be ignored. They must have a companion to play with when the owner is not around for a long time. If you fail to provide them with something to do for a long time, they may turn destructive. Borzois may not be one of those high energetic dogs, but can be harmful when not properly looked after. So they are definitely not the best choice for people who are regularly away from home for long.

Borzois are athletic dogs with a tendency to chase whoever moving in front of them. So they must not be allowed to run in open areas. They must be provided with early training on socialization. Bring home the guests and train the Borzois how to behave with strangers and babies. Borzoi puppies must be kept away from toddlers, or they can harm them unintentionally. They cannot be trusted as watchdogs, thus must not be too relied upon as your protector. They are good with other pets, though early training is advised.

Taking them to kindergarten classes is a good idea. The trainers can provide them with proper training on early socialization, guiding them to behave with strangers, etc. Borzoi puppies must be trained to behave properly with kids, guests, and other domestic pets. Also, they must be trained to control their chasing tendency when unnecessary. An experienced and patient handler must be hired to train them. Borzois are athletic, engaging them in dog sports is encouraged.

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Points to remember

  • Borzois are good chasers and can chase anything that moves. So they must be trained to control this instinct, and should never be allowed to run outdoors without a human companion.
  • They shouldn’t be heavily exercised after a meal. Try to feed them frequent small meals a day.
  • They are sensitive to drugs. Make sure to consult with the vets beforehand.
  • Early socialization is much needed for them. They can be nervous around children and may harm them unintentionally.
  • They have their own independent brain, due to which they sometimes disobey the order of their masters. So Borzois must be trained to be loyal to their masters.
  • Making the Borzoi puppies grow up with other pets is a good idea. But it must be done properly under the guidance of an experienced handler.
  • They make poor watch dogs and shouldn’t be relied upon too much.
  • Heavy shedding is a part of their life.
  • They are emotionally sensitive to stress, which must be taken care of by the owner.
  • They infrequently bark, which can be a great advantage for some owners.
  • Borzois are of unique breeds. So choose the right dog for you by consulting with reputable Borzoi breeders.
  • Make sure that the puppy you are buying is free from all kinds of health problems. Studying about the puppies and doing research beforehand is a good idea.

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Borzois can be shy and suspicious around strangers if not trained properly. They are often stubborn in nature owing to their having an independent mind. Also, they chase every creature that runs. These all can be corrected by training them properly from puppyhood. It’s quite hard to find Borzoi breeders as because the dogs are a unique breed. But you must buy puppies from reputable breeders for the safety of the dogs as well as yourself.

Borzoi Dog Pictures

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