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Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information
Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information

Boston terrier – one of the best dogs with friendly behaviour to keep at home

Boston terrier can be considered as one of the best breeds in the USA. This dog can be considered as one of the best options to keep at home. They are normally of black, seal or brindle colour. These dogs are small in size but fully compact strong and muscular. These dogs are calm and quiet in nature, and you can keep them safely at home.


Perfect nature:

The best things about these dogs are that you can train these dogs quite easily and they will be well drained.

  • It has a happy go lucky and friendly nature, and as a result, it will become a perfect companion for all the family members of your home. These dogs are always keen to make the owner and the other family members happy. So, it will be easier for you to train the dog in the way you want.
  • These dogs will be extremely protective of their owner but sometimes because of this only they may be little aggressive with the other pets at home. However, in the case of Boston terrier, you will need to provide the very little amount of grooming training.


  • In the case of both male and female these dogs have a minimum tendency of barking. They bark only when it is necessary for them. Normally they bark to grab your attention when they require the same. As they are extremely sensible with the barking nature, they have they are one of the best options for keeping in the apartment.
  • They really love to stay with the people around them. This is why they are considered to be a very good social dog. They will be good with the children. However, for that, your training will be a crucial factor.

Physical description:

If you want to purchase a dog which will be cute in its look then also Boston terrier dog can be very good option for purchase. It is small in size but well built. The head is on the square side. As per the weight of this dog is a concern it is twenty pounds. It has a height of around fifteen to seventeen inches. These dogs can have different colours with the mixture of white proportion. The colours can be black, seal and brindle. It will have a black colour band on its neck.

Because of the decent look this dog has and the wonderful nature it has this dog is considered as ‘American Gentleman’. Boston terrier dog has very strong short legs with the strong muscular chest. So, it has a very decent and cute look which you are looking for to have for your pet.

boston terrier
boston terrier puppies

Health and hygiene of the dog:

When you consider about this dog, you can remain assured with its fitness. It will survive from eleven to thirteen years. A dog of the good breed will stay fine for a longer time. Normally, they don’t face too much of diseases. However, you need to keep them safe from the diseases like patella problems. These dogs will not require exercise very much. In fact, if these dogs are involved in too much of exercise and at the same time, they face weather change very frequently it can be extremely dangerous for them.

So, normally these dogs will be extremely fit and agile. However, you should keep in mind that you should keep your pet clean all the time. A Little bit of walk on an everyday basis will be absolutely fine for the health and hygiene of the dog.


Before when this breed of Boston terrier puppies came into market those were normally used for hunting the rats in the various shops. Later because of its friendly behaviour people started keeping them at home as their pet. They became a very good companion for the family members. Now, these dogs are kept by a lot of people to make them participate in the various canine sports.

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They also participate in the competitions of dog agility. They also participate in many other games and sports like flyball, dock diving, tracking, tracking, rally obedience, lure coursing and much more. These dogs are extremely fit and agile with a happy go lucky nature. Well, because of their wonderful nature they are used for a therapy dog.

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that when you are purchasing the best Boston terrier puppies, you have to purchase the best breeding dogs. You need to check with the Boston terrier breeders whether the dog is the right breed or not. First of all, it will ensure that the dog will have all the required nature of this kind of dog and at the same time, you will remain assured about the health and hygiene of the dog.

So, if you can purchase this kind of dog from the best Boston terrier breeders, then you can remain assured that you are going to have one of the best dogs at home which will be calm quite and friendly all the time.

Boston Terrier Dog Pictures

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