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Boxer Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Boxer Dog Breed Information

Boxer – a caring playmate of your kids

There are many who have a special interest on Boxer, medium size playful outgoing as well as an intelligent dog that had first been found in Germany. It is believed that in late 19s Boxer was originated in Germany. This canine is also known as German boxer and Deutscher Boxer.


Though white and fawn boxers are the usually noticed but black boxer which is rare is also seen. The best part of the boxer is its low maintenance charge. This multitalented canine species is easily affordable to everyone; for nurturing and grooming it never demands a huge amount of money.

Characteristics of boxer dog

  • Temperament:

This dog is very much loyal and devoted; moreover fearlessness, braveness and intelligence make boxer dog a popular pet. By nature he is calm and friendly, playful and cheerful dog; children would love to spend their time in boxers while they are playful mind. Apart from these, the boxer is used as a watchdog because of its impressive observation power. For the protection purposes, anyone can rely on Boxer- its active nature and good observational ability protects the owner.

boxer dog

  • Height and weight:

It is medium-sized canine, not a very small or big but has slim and tight-fitting body structure. The height of male boxer is between 56 and 64 cm, and the female boxer is 53 to 61 cm. The range of the weight of male and female boxer is almost same; it stays between 25 and 32kg.

  • Lifetime:

An average lifetime of Boxer is from 9 to 15 years.

  • Coat of Boxer:

Boxer does not have thick and dense coat; rather dog owner sees the short coat which is easily manageable. As it is moderate shedding dog, the owner does not have to face much maintenance problem.

  • Color:

Willing buyers would get variety colour shades; white, fawn, tan, yellowish, reddish tan; even stripped and spotted boxers are also easily accessible.

About boxer breeders

  • How to groom boxer puppies?

Regular exercise and physical activity need to be practised by the pet for a better health of the keep boxer puppies because there are specific health issues that affect boxer very quickly. So owner should take care of boxer’s health sincerely. As it is a moderate shedding dog, there is no need for trimming the coat; but gentle brushing should be done. The owner can also offer moderate training arrangement from where boxer learns basic things.

Adoptability level of Boxer is quite low- so, regular practice is only alternative to teach him something new; but keep in mind boxer does not stand harsh weather; excessive heat or cold makes him ill.

Boxer’s energy level is always quite high. Therefore each and every boxer owner is urged to look after their pet’s diet and incorporate all kinds of foods that provide sufficient amount of calorie and protein. The Proper amount of animal protein like fish, lamb, and chicken has to be included in regular diet chart of adult Boxer according to boxer breeders.

What are the frequent physical challenges face by the Boxer?

It has been seen that almost 22% boxer puppies have died within the seven weeks of the birth. More than 38% adult boxer has lost their life in cancer. Statistics says most of the adult boxers have passed away in cancer. Apart from it what are the diseases that affect Boxer?

boxer puppies
boxer puppies
  • Canine hip dysplasia- it is an abnormal formation of hip socket causes pain.
  • Hypothyroidism is related to thyroid gland where this gland unable to produce thyroid sufficiently. As a result, canine feels sick and gets tired. Canine may even go to depression.
  • Aortic stenosis is a cardiac problem where canine faces chest pain and breathing problem etc.
  • Allergies can impair the normality of boxer’s life and bring unwanted physical challenges.
  • Corneal ulcer, also called as Boxer eye ulcer, is nothing but inflammatory cornea.

Keep your dog under doctor’s vigilance and if there is any abnormality, immediately call the doctor.

About boxer breeders

Boxer dog is a medium size guard dog, is in high demand for both purposes as a guard yet as a lovable pet. While his playful, affectionate, lovable nature conquers owners mind, high observation power and fearless attitude keep owners safe protected. But when you buy Boxer puppy, ask sellers to show his license and necessary documents; at the same time verify the certificate that shows your new pet is physically fit and healthy. Though there are a number of boxer breeders, buyers should select reputed and authorised breeders where scientifically and legally boxer breeding process is going on.


Many may not know that children are the best playmates of Boxer. This canine loves kids. So, if house owner has kids, children should be taught how to approach to the Boxer. Buy Boxer puppies and surprise your kids. Hopefully, they love their new playmates.

Boxer Dog Pictures

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