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Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

The different purebred dog types in the AKC non-sporting group (also known as the Utility Group) are a wide collection of dogs in all types of sizes, shapes, personalities, coat types and overall appearances.

All you need to know about the Chinese Sharpei dog

One of the most experienced and sharp minded dogs is the Sharpei. If you are an experienced owner of dogs, then this particular breed of dog you can definitely consider getting. The Sharpei is known for its extremely protective nature, and it is very responsible towards its masters and the people he loves. This particular breed of dog is not only active and playful, but he is quite imperious at times. They are fiercely loyal and is capable of doing anything for the people they love and adore. The dog is also quite the courageous one and is quite the …

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How to find out the specialties of the Keeshond?

Keeshond Dog Breed Information

If you are looking for a medium sized dog, then Keeshond will not disappoint you. There are two layers of coat and a curled tail that makes it special. It was founded in Germany after that there are many countries where you can see this breed. There are different names in the different countries. The previous name had been changed in the year of 1926 in England now it has a new name which is Dutch Barge Dog. What are the qualities of this breed? There are many qualities in the Keeshond such as bright and cheerful nature. You should …

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Japanese Spitz one of the friendly breed of dogs!

Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Information

Are you a pet lover then how about getting Japanese Spitz at home? People often get attracted towards pets that are lovable and decent. It is the behavioral trait of dog that makes them common within owners. These breed of dog having a size in between small to medium has been a great companion for people. A different variety of Spitz dogs is seen existing in your surrounding and other places. So why not get some more idea for this Spitz breed. Which traits are categorizing Japanese Spitz from others? A breed of Japanese Spitz has been popularly seen at …

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English bulldog – Why they are one of the finest pets?

Bulldog Dog Breed Information

When it comes to some of the finest dogs to keep at home, the number of English bulldog will be at the top of the list for sure. These dogs have a wonderful temperament. Along with that, they are extremely faithful and loving. Some of them have the tendency to be friendly with the strangers coming at home whereas some of the others are bit more reserved. Why English bulldog: As per the temper of English bulldog is a concern they are extremely patient. They are friendly with all the family members. In fact, some of them are friendly with …

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Let this adorable bichon frise dog be your companion!

Bichon Frise Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Are you a pet lover? Then you should have heard of bichon frise dog. Often pretty looking and small breed dogs are mostly preferred by people. But when it comes to Bichon dogs you would be surprised to know that Bichon is from a non-sporting family of dogs. In fact, they are a toy category, breed of dogs that are cheerful and pleasant by behavior. Pursuing such behavioral qualities makes them loved by humans. Let’s have a complete look at their lifestyle. Why should you choose Bichon? When you are looking for a small and sturdy dog, which is playful …

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Boston terrier – one of the best dogs with friendly behaviour to keep at home

Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information

Boston terrier can be considered as one of the best breeds in the USA. This dog can be considered as one of the best options to keep at home. They are normally of black, seal or brindle colour. These dogs are small in size but fully compact strong and muscular. These dogs are calm and quiet in nature, and you can keep them safely at home. Perfect nature: The best things about these dogs are that you can train these dogs quite easily and they will be well drained. It has a happy go lucky and friendly nature, and as …

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French bulldog – Why it is a perfect dog to keep at home?

The French bulldog is considered to be a small breed of the domestic dogs. It was actually the result of the cross between the old bulldogs and the local matter of Paris. If you are thinking of the popularity of this dog, you can take data that these dogs are considered to be the fourth most popular dogs in the United Kingdom because of their cute look and wonderful nature. Physical description: These kinds of dogs are mainly of brindle or the fawn colour. Some of the other species are of white with the patches of brindle colour. Their head …

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Need to know about your Bulldog then come let’s find it here!

Bulldog Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Over the years a wide variety of dogs is seen around you. Among them, the Bulldog has earned great recognition. These breed of dogs are medium in size and thus are quite muscular. Often they are seen across most of the people’s house. Are you thinking of getting this breed of dog? If yes, then probably you require understanding what features comprises them and makes them widely recognised. So let’s explore more about this breed of dog. How does a bulldog appear? Probably a Bulldog is a breed that genuinely comprises of thick folded skins all through their brows. They pursue …

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Get yourself the very loyal chow chow dog

chow chow Dog Breed Information and Pictures

You want to buy a dog for your family. You have been asking around, doing some research of your own and you have received quite the positive review and recommendation for a chow chow. Thus after all the many replies filled with encouragement that you have received from your friends and relatives about the chow chow dog, you have completely made up your mind that this is the dog you will be going for. Now that you have decided on the preferred breed of dog, the question lies in fact as to where will you go looking for this dog …

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How to know different types poodle puppies?

Poodle Dog Breed Information and Pictures

If you don’t know about the Poodle, then you should have a look at the group of the formal dogs. There are many groups such as standard, toy and miniature poodle. There are four different sizes of the Poodle dogs which can be distinguished by the size of the dogs. These dogs are very clever that is why they can impress you. These dogs are the best when it comes to a pet. Why should you adopt a poodle dog? If you are looking for a dog to keep it as a pet, then you should go for the poodle. There …

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