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Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

The different purebred dog types in the AKC non-sporting group (also known as the Utility Group) are a wide collection of dogs in all types of sizes, shapes, personalities, coat types and overall appearances.

Why should you adopt the Dalmatian dogs?

dalmatian dog Breed Information and Pictures

When it comes to the large size dogs, then you have to look at the Dalmatian breeders. There are unique colours in the coat which look very attractive. These dogs are from Croatia in Dalmatian. These dogs are large that is why they are used to carry lots of things. These dogs have become one of the favourite family pet for the dog lovers. What makes you fall in love with these dogs? When it comes to the activities of the Dalmatian dogs, they are very energetic and active. You have to take them out for a daily walk. You …

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Shiba Inu is a different breed with lovely blood line

shiba inu Dog Breed Information

Shiba Inu belongs to the terrain of the mountains. It was originated for the bred hunting. It looks quite similar to the Japanese Akita, but there are much noticeable different too. It has a distinctive bloodline. These dogs are smaller than the Japanese Akita dogs, but the temperament is the same over this breed. The middle-aged dogs are in perfect shape and size. Why is this considered as the smart dog? When it comes to training part, the Shiba Inu is not like the Golden Retriever. You have to call the Shiba Inu several times if it feels good then …

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