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Toy Dog Breeds

The AKC toy group dog breeds were developed simply to be our loving companions due in part to their small size and robust health. Their main job – to make their owner happy.

Own a Chihuahua if you want to cuddle with your pet

Chihuahua Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Chihuahua is the tiniest breed of dog which gets its name from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. It comes with a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colours and coat lengths. The history of this particular breed of dog is pretty puzzling. There are many stories evolving around the origination of this dog. However, the most common story says that it has descended from another breed named as Techichi. More about Chihuahua As mentioned earlier, Chihuahua is recognised as the smallest breed by many kennel clubs. There are two varieties of this breed. One of them is the smooth …

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Pekingese one of the most decent pet that ever you can have at your place!

If you are a pet lover, then you can’t stop yourself from this Pekingese breed of dogs. Often they are classified to be one of the ancient breeds of dogs that originated from China. In fact, it is their resemblance that shakes buyers certainly because some people consider this breed to be similar to lion appearance. Today especially the royal families are seen as the masters of this Chinese breed of dog. Other than this a wide range of characteristics and health problems are persisting among them. Why are these breed popular? Often pet lovers demand of dogs that are …

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Welcome home a cute and adorable Papillon dog

Papillon dog is one of the cutest breeds of dogs. The dogs of this breed have ears like of a butterfly wing and so they got their name from the same concept. The cute little Papillon puppy is very adorable and has really lovely eyes. The dog has following features to attract you towards his pretty smile: Adorable round face Perfect scissors bite teeth Ears are beautiful butterfly wing style Round black thin rimmed eyes Long and furry tail Single four fine coat The Papillon dog has the most amazing features in the entire dog species. They are very quick, …

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Drag your pet out of chains when you have Maltese breed of dog!

Maltese Dog Breed Information

It is quite common to see pets at home today. Among these pets, the maximum group is for dogs. In order to make this group stronger Maltese breed plays a very crucial role. These are considered to be the smaller category breed that can enhance the toy group further with their adorability. These breeds of dogs were born in the Central Mediterranean Areas. One of the fearless breeds of dogs that can be loved by all and considered as a friend is the major focus. What makes its special? Keeping a pet at home has been a trend this season. …

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The basic things you should know about Japanese Chins

Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information

Japanese Chins is also recognised as the Japanese Spaniel. When it comes to the Japanese dignity, it is the best dog for the acknowledgement. There are strabismus eyes which look good. When it comes to companion and lap dog, it will never disappoint you because it can play the roles properly. It is also known as toy breed for the distinctive heritage. What makes it special? When it comes to the speciality of the Japanese Chins, there are so many points that will surprise you. The first point is the size; it is not too tall the height of the …

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Why Italian Greyhound is extremely sensitive dog?

When you talk about the best dogs, which can be kept at home Italian Greyhound, can be surely considered as one of them. These dogs have a wonderful look with a wonderful nature which makes them perfect for a pet dog at home. If you can purchase the best breed for them, you will surely be satisfied keeping them at home. Best things in it: This dog is light weight, and small, and this is why this dog is easy to control as well. With the easy and sleek coat and the variety of colors this dog will look extremely …

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Why is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel very adorable?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very active and graceful dog. It is very active and a little bit gay in nature apart from that this breed loves sports and fearless games. It is a royal dog when it comes to the appearance that is why most of the people want them. It was found in the UK, and soon it becomes popular in many countries. There are many people who think that it is a toy dog. It has earned popularity in many countries because of the compact size and cute nature. In the year of 2000, it …

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Yorkshire terrier – a perfect dog to keep at home

yorkshire terrier dog breed information

When you talk about the cutest dogs, then the name of Yorkshire terrier will be at the top of the list. There is no doubt about the fact that this cute little dog will be a great friend for you because they have a very calm and simple attitude towards the other members of the family. So, if you are searching for a pet dog, then this dog can be a very good option for you. Inhabitants: Well, when you consider about Yorkshire terrier then you need to talk about the sweetness of this dog. These dogs are extremely calm …

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Shih Tzu dog and everything you need to know about it

Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information

A sweet and lovable dog, Shih Tzu is considered as one of the best toy dogs to provide your company with. They are happy, outgoing, lovable, affectionate, and can always remain at your side no matter where you are. Originally breed in China, they are now found in every part of the world. Lovable and playful at heart, these dogs are one of the sweethearts amongst people. So let’s take a brief look at them in this article. Appearance They are little adorable toy dogs, with a short muzzle and dark eyes. Most of their body portions are covered with …

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Having a Pug as your pet companion

Pug Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Pug puppies are one of the cutest breeds of dogs out there. They are sweet by nature and are eager to lighten the mood of their owners. As such, they make for one of the best kind of pets that you will ever find during your lifetime. Here in this article, you will find out what it is like to have pugs as companions and what you should know about them beforehand. Why A Pug? If you are looking for a dog companion, then this breed is probably the best choice for you. Do keep in mind that they are …

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