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Working Dog Breeds

The dogs of the AKC Working Group were bred to help man in many various jobs – from guarding and tracking, to pulling carts, to water rescues, etc.

Come! Get to know the specifics of a Samoyed dog!

The Samoyed dog is the dog goal of every dog lover. These are medium sized dogs and have a very muscular body or a body with healthy muscle growth. For a male, the size is about 22 to 23 ½ inches tall. And, for a female the size is about 19 – 21 inches tall. As you can very well make out, as the height of the dog increases the weight increases as well. For a male, the average weight varies from forty-five to sixty-five pounds. A bitch weighs somewhere around 35 – 50 lbs. Their fur coat The fur …

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Get yourself the ever friendly and protective mastiff dogs

mastiff dog Breed Information

The existence of mastiffs has been there even before the time that history was started to be written. There are many carvings which have been found from the palace of Ashurbanipal in Babylon which depict large size dogs going to hunt the lions in the dry desert areas right near the river Tigris. These enormous hunting dogs had immense similarity to that of the mastiffs of today. The ancient origin of the mastiffs You will find that these curving have now been displayed in the museum in England. These dogs were first introduced by the Phoenician merchants in the early …

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Interesting Facts to Know about Alaskan malamute Dog

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Information

The Alaskan malamute breed of dogs is the largest in the world, and it is a rugged breed that is ideal for use in colder climates as working dogs. It is very important before buying these dogs from Alaskan malamute breeders to know certain interesting facts about this breed. It is a wonderful breed of dog that originates from an Arctic landscape, and these dogs were employed by the Arctic explorers during their expedition as they possess good strength. The main purpose the Alaskan malamute dogs were used was to pull sleds that carry essential supplies as well as for …

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Boxer – a caring playmate of your kids

Boxer Dog Breed Information and Pictures

There are many who have a special interest on Boxer, medium size playful outgoing as well as an intelligent dog that had first been found in Germany. It is believed that in late 19s Boxer was originated in Germany. This canine is also known as German boxer and Deutscher Boxer. Though white and fawn boxers are the usually noticed but black boxer which is rare is also seen. The best part of the boxer is its low maintenance charge. This multitalented canine species is easily affordable to everyone; for nurturing and grooming it never demands a huge amount of money. …

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Everything to know about raising a Doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information

The Doberman pinscher is one of those dogs which are considered as a ‘young’ breed. It is a mixed breed dog that was devised by a tax collector of German nationality named Louis Doberman. It was in the 1860’s when he decided that he wanted to breed a dog that would be able to serve as a watchdog in the crime infested towns of the city. Characteristics The resulting breed was one which had a lot of strength, had plenty of stamina and has an almost limitless threshold of energy. Here are some of the main characteristics of this dog …

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Why is the Siberian husky a beautiful dog?

Siberian Husky Dog Breed Information and Pictures

If you are looking for a beautiful dog, then you should look at the Siberian husky breed. They are covered with thick coating along with multitude colours as marking. Most of the Siberian husky dogs used to have blue eyes whereas some dogs also have multicoloured eyes which do look stunning. These eyes make them just like the Siberian wolf. They are very intelligent when it comes to hunting. The husky dogs are very intelligent dogs they used to hunt in groups for better success rate. It can be challenging for the first time owners. When it comes to the …

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All you need to know about the St. Bernard

St. Bernard dog Breed Information and Pictures

Back in the earlier days, the ancestors of the St. Bernard breed of dogs actually began their journey as Swiss herding dogs. Thus this particular breed of dog was actually created with the intention of providing rescue services to people and tourists who were stranded in unknown places. The St Bernard is fiercely protective of the kids You might wonder how the St. Bernard managed to transform into rescue dogs from the Swiss herding dogs they originally were. Well, these dogs were injected with some Newfoundland blood right into their bloodline for the purpose of accomplishing this particular transformation. Thus, …

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Rottweiler dog and everything you need to know about them

Rottweiler dog Breed Information

A Rottweiler is a brave, intelligent and loyal dog whose kind had originated in Germany. It can turn into one of your most faithful and loyal companions. The only problem with them is they need proper training and care, so you must not be a first-time dog owner. You must handle them with experience and care. Once trained perfectly, you need not worry about them in future. Understanding a Rottweiler A Rottweiler is a calm, smart, intelligent, and confident dog who is neither too shy nor does it get too excited without any reason. You may spot some differences in …

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Get a chance to learn more about Great Dane, only here!

Great Dane Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Over the years you are coming across a wide breed of dogs. Thus among those wide group, the Great Dane has been one of the largest breeds of German dogs in order to hunt the wild boars. Now, what makes these breed of dogs so popular and efficient? This question of yours needs to be answered in an appropriate manner. Let’s find out ways that led to the creation of this heavy giant creature and understand their behaviour. What makes this Giant Dane? This natural creature, the Great Dane has been a powerful dog having a square body structure. But …

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What makes you fall in love with the Japanese Akita Inu?

Japanese Akita Inu Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Japanese Akita Inu is originated from northern lands of Japan. There are two different species of the Akita Inu dog one is narrow palette colour whereas another is slightly designed. The Japanese Akita is slightly different from the American Akita regarding colour and breed. The American Akita used to come in all colours. What makes them adorable? There are strong and sharp teeth which can give you scissor-like bite. When the dog senses any danger or enemy, it becomes aggressive although they are not too much aggressive. They also have a lovely tail and cat-like legs. They also have strong …

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