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All you need to know about the Chinese Sharpei dog

One of the most experienced and sharp minded dogs is the Sharpei. If you are an experienced owner of dogs, then this particular breed of dog you can definitely consider getting. The Sharpei is known for its extremely protective nature, and it is very responsible towards its masters and the people he loves.


This particular breed of dog is not only active and playful, but he is quite imperious at times. They are fiercely loyal and is capable of doing anything for the people they love and adore. The dog is also quite the courageous one and is quite the perfect family dog, another thing that you need to know about this breed is that it is quiet the oldest among all the breed dogs present.

The sharpie has a cute appearance with a wrinkly face

The Sharpei dog has a coat which is rough and feels quite prickly. The meaning of their Chinese originated name means sand skin which is quite a fitting description of their coarse skin. They also have quite a wrinkly face and a tongue which is blue-black.

Chinese Sharpei dog

The Sharpei puppies are extremely cute and have lots of wrinkles on their face which tend to start disappearing and get smoothened as they age and grow older with time. You will also find that this dog is found in quite a number of coat colours. They are present in the colours black, blue, sand, red and even the colour cream.

The coat of the Sharpei puppies and dogs can be categorised into three different types. They are the horse, the bear and the brush. Also, this particular breed will need to be taken care a lot. Otherwise, they are quite prone or susceptible to a wide range of diseases and health problems which will make them suffer to a great extent.

One such major problem that has been quite among this breed of dog is entropion. This is a severe condition which leads to a curling of the inner eyelashes thus bringing about great irritation in the dog’s eyes. You will find that the kind of food manufactured for the dogs has special formulae comprising of dry foods. These foods are formulated so as to make sure that the various skin allergies that these dogs suffer from gets took care of thus saving the Sharpei breeders from worries.

Proper training is a must

It has been seen that this particular breed of dog has an independent mind and they are quite picky and reserved when it is about making or forging a friendship with new people or strangers. But once they become your friends, they are quite the protective of you. These dogs tend to grow devotion to a minimum of one member of the family. However, the more it is made to socialise, the more their tendency to be a watchdog diminishes.

Sharpei puppies

They are quite possessive of their masters and are independent minded

This dog is quite possessive and has extreme instincts when it comes to its territories. The bond which they grow towards their family is very strong, but that does not mean that they are not friendly towards other people, as long as they are made to socialise with people right from their puppy days. This dog is filled with charm and is a good companion.


Also, you need always to keep in your mind that this dog comes from a long line of fighting and hunting dogs and thus can be quite fierce. Don’t get carried away by the fact that he has the appearance resembling that of a cute little wrinkly toy.

Also what he needs is a proper and confident master or owner. He is one of those dogs who should never be allowed to take access of the house. He needs an owner who is quite firm and consistent, but at the same time, he needs to be friendly to him and guide him.

Sharpei breeders

Be stern as required with your Sharpei dog

One of the ways through which this particular breed of dog will come to follow your leadership is if it gets training in obedience first. You need to make him feel that he is not the one in command and that he will have to listen to you, he will be well trained.

But if the opposite happens, there will be a good chance that he will wind up being highly aggressive and stubborn and will refuse to listen to anyone, not even his master. This is something which you definitely do not want him to have.

One of the factors that decide or determines the temperament of this dog is the way he is treated. His genetic line, as well as his parenthood also, plays a little factor in shaping his temperament. Also, make sure that you take him out for exercise on a daily and regular basis and also give him his walks. Talk to Sharpei breeders for a better idea.

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