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chow chow Dog Breed Information and Pictures
chow chow Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Get yourself the very loyal chow chow dog

You want to buy a dog for your family. You have been asking around, doing some research of your own and you have received quite the positive review and recommendation for a chow chow. Thus after all the many replies filled with encouragement that you have received from your friends and relatives about the chow chow dog, you have completely made up your mind that this is the dog you will be going for. Now that you have decided on the preferred breed of dog, the question lies in fact as to where will you go looking for this dog and what are the procedures involved.


Be careful while buying this dog

It is highly suggested that you should not go and buy your dog from some random pet store. This is mainly because at a pet store you will not be able to meet with the parents of the chow chow puppies. This outs their authenticity under question. Thus it is always recommended that you pay a visit to a good popular kennel which has received some positive reviews and poses a request to them thus asking to see the various breeds available before deciding on a particular dog.


If you follow this instruction, you will have the chance of making an informed decision on a good and proper pup and will also get to spend some extra amount of time researching and finding of the background of the dog. You will get to know whether he is in conformity with the standard of the breed and whether he has been disposed of any kind of diseases at an earlier time.

This particular piece of information can prove to be quite helpful as it will save you from any kind of grief you might get in the future or the huge amounts of bills and visits you would have to pay to the vets.

It has been found that the chow chow can be either quite the placid or the energetic breed of dog. They are even known to be quite obstinate, hard-headed and serious. This particular breed of dog is quite an introvert. But at the same time they are quite good natured, very faithful to their masters and are also very affectionate towards them. You will find quite a number of traits in your chow chow dog.


The various traits or qualities of a chow chow dog

You will find that their appearance highly resembles of a cuddly teddy bear and thus you would always want to cuddle them because they will be extremely cute. Also, they have quite the air of confidence about them, and thus they stand proud and tall. This dog has been found to be quite the efficient guard dog and can be quite fierce if he needs to impart protection to his master or himself from some external danger.

Another great thing about this particular breed is that they are very clean not only about themselves but also about their surroundings and thus they will be quite easy to provide training to and also for house breaking.

Also when it comes to manners, the chow chow puppies as well as the dogs are extremely nice and well- mannered and they prefer to be quite as opposed to the noise. Thus they are quite an elite breed of dog. You will have to exercise them, although not heavily unlike regular dogs but it is necessary that you groom them on a regular basis.

These are some of the common qualities that you find in all of the dogs of this particular breed. They are quite the general categories. However, it is not guaranteed, and there is no way in which you can predict how your pup will grow up to be.

This is something that is completely dependent on the training and treatment that the dog receives from his masters. You will find that many of these pups will not grow up to be up to the mentioned standard. The chow chow breeders can always impart help to you in choosing the proper and perfect dog.

chow chow breeders
chow chow Dog Breed Information

He is very loyal and good with kids

Though this dog is highly loyal and has so many qualities, there are a few qualities that they possess which you need to know about and think on before deciding to get them.


This dog should be socialised properly, or he might turn out to be quite suspicious and aggressive, something that you don’t want. This aggressive quality or trait of theirs is something which even extends to other breeds of dogs.

They are highly determined creatures and have a strong will of their own and thus do not react well to being nagged. Thus only a master who is very confident and has experience in training dogs will be suitable for this particular breed. The chow chow breeders will give you further information about them.

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