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Cockapoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Cockapoo Dog Breed Information

Cockapoo: a delightful puppy oldest popular hybrid canine

Cockapoo, a mixed breed dog, is very popular among the dog lovers for its cute loving personality. This pet dog is a mixed between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, usually, lives around 14 to 18 years, is found in white, red, black, silver or in the tan colour. It is their low shedding and low danger nature that makes Cockapoo a popular domestic pet dog.


Many dog lovers like to bring Cockapoo puppies in their house, but due to their lack of information and proper knowledge, they are scared of buying Cockapoo. Grooming a Cockapoo Puppy is not very expensive; even maintenance cost is also moderate- overall it is a dog which is affordable to all. Therefore, people who are possessive about Cockapoo can buy it.

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Characteristics of Cockapoo dog

  • Nature of Cockapoo:

It is an ideal dog for domestic purpose. Cockapoo is outgoing, active and an agile dog loves different activities including swimming and retrieve game. As they are not rapacious, there is no need to be frightened. It is a low danger, and low shedding dog enjoys human accompany very much. As it is a crossbreed animal, it contains characteristics of both species.

  • Size and weight:

Normally these are small size pet dog; average height is between 25 and 38 cm (10-15 inch), and approx weight is 5.4 to 10.9 Kg or 12-15 pounds.

  • Color:

Buyers find different shades of Cockapoo dog ranging from dark brown to cream colour, black with spots of simple red. Beige, light brown, silver, white, sable coloured Cockapoo pets are also available in the market. So, buyers get different colour options. As per their choice, select anyone.

  • Texture of the Cockapoo coat:

Cockapoo’s beauty is its dense coat. While a pair of eye peeps out of the long curly coat, lovable Cockapoo puppy appears even more beautiful and adorable. But the type of coat depends on parents of Cockapoo. Depending on the selection of the Cockapoo breeders, coat texture is formed.


How to maintain cockapoo puppies?

As Cockapoo puppies have covered with the thick and curly coat, pet owners should take care of it. If you have a Cockapoo puppy, 10 minutes brushing needs to be done at least 4-5 days in a week for the first six months to keep your pet in good order. Buy a grooming kit which provides a complete set of grooming tools such as brush, slicker brush, comb, nail clipper, etc.

Every two to three months nail has to be trimmed with nail clipper; but if you are a newbie, call in expert and ask for help. For shampooing puppy’s hair, baby shampoo or medicated shampoo is ideal. But if you are not familiar with puppy’s bath, you need to practice because puppy gets excited while they are in the bathtub. So it is better to call someone who holds your puppy while you are shampooing.


While your puppy becomes eight months old, you would see coat becomes straight and comparatively thin and matt. Now puppy starts moulting hair, so 2-3 times in a week hair combing is enough for at this stage. In the case of bathing, every two to three months is sufficient for adult Cockapoo. If required, you should carefully trim down over growing hair with the scissor, especially, between the two eyes. After taking out of the bathtub, soak the water with the towel and keep Cockapoo dry as much as you can. In this case, blow drier would help you a lot.

What about Cockapoo Salon?

To groom the Cockapoo, owners can take their pets to a salon where they get a complete package of hair trimming nail trimming, shampooing; even for the sanitization of pet dog salon is a convenient alternative for dog owners. It is a little bit expensive way of grooming your lovable pet; however, to learn about the grooming techniques of Cockapoo dog, visiting salon is necessary. Often groomers throw weekend courses where they teach basic dog grooming tricks and techniques.

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Who are Cockapoo breeders?

In the USA there are three registered Cockapoo clubs which are working on Cockapoo breeding. This funny dog is the oldest hybrid popular dog. The agile and naughty behaviour of Cockapoo makes people laugh and brings a smile on their face. Cockapoo is simply an adorable pet.

In the year 1999, The Cockapoo Club of America was established to maintain the consistency of Cockapoo breeding. In 2004 The American Cockapoo Club was set up aiming at endorsing the genuine Cockapoo breeding procedure. As there is a deviation of authentic Cockapoo breeding process.


Dog lovers, who are willing to bring a new funny family member into their house, are requested to avail registered breeders. If you would like to buy a Cockapoo, should access licensed Cockapoo breeders. This jovial canine hopefully fills your life with fun and happiness.

Cockapoo Dog Pictures

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