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Wake the dog lover in you with cutest dog breeds

Wake the dog lover in you with cutest dog breeds

Are you a crazy dog lover? But do you feel that just because you live in a small apartment or have a tiny little home; it is not possible for you to have a dog? Well, you are completely wrong. Dogs are present in quite a number of breeds. There are quite a number of the cutest dog breeds available who are small in size and are exactly suitable for your small house.


 However, even though these dogs are small, they still require their amount of exercise time and hence it is highly crucial that you are ready to provide your dog with that commitment.

Spending time with your pet is mandatory

You should be completely ready to spend some quality time with your tiny cute little dog; you can take her for her power walks and always make sure that the best of the cares are met out to her.

Once you have completely made your mindset that you are absolutely ready to take complete care of your dog and spend proper time with her, you can go through the various cutest dog breeds available and choose the one which will be the most suitable to your style of living as well as to you.

Small dogs are quite the apartment dogs

You will find that the small dog breeds are always equivalent to the cutest dog breeds. They are the most suitable breed of dogs as they are completely appropriate for all those dog lovers who live in small confined flats without any large area or space. These dogs do not take up too much space and are not at all clumsy.

Thus every time you leave them alone, you will not find your house in a wreck on coming back. Also, these particular cutest dog breeds are quite easy to maintain and do not even require huge amounts of exercise or stretching space. They are more than satisfied with a corner of your room which they will treat as their territory in the house.

The various cutest dog breeds

Some of the cutest dog breeds are:

Pomeranian Dog Breed

  • The Pomeranian falls under one of the cutest dog breeds out there. They are small, cute, filled with a tremendous amount of energy and are filled with a fierce sense of pride. This particular breed is not only super intelligent but is also very loyal. Their weight may range from 3 to 7 pounds, and their growth has been measured to range in between 7 to 12 inches.

However, you need to make sure that they receive a good amount of daily exercise as it is the only way of matching up to their high energy level. Also, you can teach those tricks and pranks. However, the only field you will face difficulty in is feeding them as they are very picky about their food and prefer crunchy milk made bones and dry dog food.


Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

  • The Yorkie falls under the category of a toy breed with an overall weight of only 7 pounds. Thus if you desperately want a dog and space is your only issue, you should definitely consider getting this particular breed.

However, don’t underestimate a Yorkie just because of their tiny size. They are very efficient watchdogs, and their attitude is no less than that of a fully big sized dog. Also, it has been found that a Yorkie is highly protective and possessive of their territory.

Maltese Dog Breed

  • The Maltese are another breed of dog which has a small size, but it is hardy and has silky smooth hair or fur. The single silky layer of the coat of the Maltese comes primarily in the light ivory colour and the white colour. Their fur is quite long and almost reaches the ground being a length of about 8.5 inches and the fur is also quite kinky, curly or wavy.

When it comes to intelligence, they have it in ample and are also very playful and lively, filled with loads of energy. They are greatly devoted and faithful to their owner are very loving and gentle by nature. Their weight ranges from 6.5 pounds to a total of 9 pounds, and they grow up to be as big as 10 inches tall.

Pug Dog Breed

  • Another breed which falls under the cutest dog breeds is the pug. Their short-muzzled wrinkly face is highly adorable, and their tail is quite curly. When it comes to their coat, it is present in quite a lot of colours and the coat itself is glossy and has a beautiful texture.

They have quite a good tone of muscle, and the structure of their body is a square one. Pugs are quite the family dog as they are great with kids. They have a strong will and are very less aggressive. Pugs are also very efficient watchdogs.

Thus have the time of your life with these cutest dog breeds.