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Dachshund Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Dachshund dog – a perfect fun loving dog to keep at home

If you are searching for a sweet little dog at home with a very sweet nature, then Dachshund can be the best option for you. As per their nature is a concern they are really lively, brave and charming. If you have an apartment and you want to keep the dog over there this kind of dog can be a very lucrative option for you.


Loving nature:

  • These dogs are well known for the loving nature they have. You can consider these dogs as the clowns in the dog kingdom. They are always charming and love to play games all around. He is extremely loyal to the family. When you have such a dog in the house, you can consider it as one of the best companions of your child. They seldom bark and never bite any of the children of the house.
  • In fact, if you have the dogs of other species in your house they will be fine with them. They love to play with the other dogs at home. In fact, if you have pets of other species they will be fine with them. However, sometimes they may be little jealous with the affection the owner is paying for It can be little possessive with the toys they have.
  • This dog can be considered as a watchdog. If a stranger comes at home, they will bark. They do not just allow the strangers at home with ease. However, it will be under the control of the owner of the dog. Often with the instruction of the owner they will allow the stranger at home without any problem. They are considered to be very brave and clever dogs.

Overall, as per their nature is a concern they can be considered as a perfect dog to keep in the apartment. This is why as a household pet Dachshund has immense popularity.

dachshund dog


As per the appearance is concern dachshund dog can be considered as a very cute looking dog. They have a long body with very short but muscular legs. They have a very smooth skin, and they have a deep chest which provides them extreme stamina while hunting underground. As per their coats are concerned you will be able to get three kinds of coats with them. One of them is smooth coat whereas the other two are wirehaired and longhaired coats.

These dogs can be of different colours. They can be of one colour like black or red. Sometimes you can find a mixture of tan colour with black, red, cream or blue colours. A full-size dachshund dog can have the weight from 7.3 kg to 15 kg. As per their size is a concern they can be considered as a small size and well-built dog.

dachshund puppies
dachshund puppies

How to keep them fine?

  • Dachshund dog will not require a huge amount of exercise. They will need to walk for sometimes every day. They always like to have the attention of the others. If you can arrange a clean place for their potty, that will be really good.
  • Normally these dogs will stay fine if you keep them close to the other family members of your family. There are some of the health problems which they may have including IVDD, patellar luxation, hearing loss and others. In any such scenario, you need to treat them perfectly. How you are handling your pet dog will also be a crucial factor for keeping them fit all the time.
  • Normally these dachshund puppies will survive until the age of twelve to thirteen if they are kept in right attention. In the case of the extreme temperature issue you need to take little extra care for these dogs.

Overall, it can be said that you don’t need to spend hours after hours to keep these dogs perfect. Only one thing you need to consider very important. When you are purchasing the dog, you should always look for the best breed so that you can get healthy dachshund puppies in the very beginning.


dachshund breeders

Importance of good breed:

If you really want to purchase the right dog, you need to go for dachshund breeders. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that you should check with the breeders all the necessary information to find out that whether you are getting the dog of the best breed or not. If you can purchase the best breed, you can remain assured that the dog will have all the behavioural aspects which you are actually searching for.

Overall, it can surely be said that if you purchase the best dachshund dogs from the best dachshund breeders you are going to purchase a really nice dog for home. It is a fund loving dog, and it will entertain all the family members of the home. It will stay fine and because of its calm, quiet and love nature it is one of the safest dogs to have at home as well.

Dachshund Dog Pictures

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