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Dog Digging Easy Ways To Stop This Behavior

Dog Digging Easy Ways To Stop This Behavior

Have you ever gotten home to find craters on the patio as if meteors have fallen from space? I bet you’ve felt frustrated and upset, haven’t you?


Your beloved dog has been digging on your patio and destroying your flower garden for the following reasons:

  • Simply because it’s lots of fun for him
  • He’s been creating his own resting area
  • He is just bored, frustrated, alone and anxious

One time or other any dog could display that type of behavior for any of the reasons mentioned above. According to experts, is usually the Terrier dog breeds the ones that develop such a bad habit because of the high Prey Drive in their DNA.

The good news is that YOU CAN CONTROL Dog Digging easily. 

Dog Digging

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

  • Take your dog out for a walk, to a park or a safe open space where he can run or play around retrieving a ball. Dogs need that great feeling of freedom which helps them do away with boredom, loneliness and anxiety.
  • If your dog has dug several holes on your patio, cover them halfway with soil (don’t let him see you doing so). Then, place some of his own excrement within the hole and cover it completely. Dogs don’t like stepping on their own feces.

Result: Your dog will stop digging on that specific area.

  • You may use a remote collar which you can activate when you see your dog digging. He will associate his digging action with the unpleasant feeling of the remote collar and will most probably minimize or stop his undesirable behavior.
  • You may also provide your dog with a specific digging area within the patio by placing a small fence around it. Remove some of the soil and place some of his favorite toys there for him to find and dig out (It’s like a playground for dogs). If possible, you can also take him out to the woods and let him dig … dig … dig until he gets tired.

Dog Digging Easy

“The cure” for most canine problems is SATISFACTION. If you simply satisfy your dog’s crave for digging, you will solve the problem. Your dogs will always need to do some kind of exercise and it’s up to you to satisfy him.

Remember: walking and running is always excellent therapy for dogs. And you don’t even have to go outdoors to do that. Use your walking machine for your dog to walk his way into a healthy, happy and well behaved “life style.”