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How dog rescue works and how it can be beneficial for you?
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How dog rescue works and how it can be beneficial for you?

If you feel the need to support and applause any one organisation, then hands down you should always go for the dog rescue. Since very fewer people actually support this team, the majority of them work on donation in order to work efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it has happened quite a few numbers of times that a few dogs had to be turned away just because of the reason that there were not enough rooms for them.


Two kinds of dog rescue present

Two types of dog organisation teams are available, and they are following:

  • Those are specific to the type or the breed of dog.
  • Organisations that are regardless of the breed.

Both of these agencies are critical and highly necessary. These rescue teams work together to rescue dogs which otherwise would have been destroyed. Now, take a look at these groups separately.

Rescue teams that are breed specific

If you look closely, you will find several breed specific dog rescue. For instance, the Greyhound Rescue Organization. The primary reason why greyhound dogs become stray dogs is that, till a particular age and time, these dogs are raced. However, after a certain age, they cannot race any longer. When animal organisations and rescue operation became operational, they started rescuing the greyhound dogs.

dog rescue
dog rescue

There is another organisation as well called the Aussie Rescue Group. This group mainly focuses on the Australian Shepherds. These dogs are highly intelligent and energetic. They are full of energy and can be very useful to many families and work. However, most of the time the owner of such dogs fails to understand them and thus, they are brought to the pound where they are left.

Some of the dogs require a lot of exercises, and for this, they are brought to the pound because the owners are just not suited for these dogs. Each and every AKC group has its particular and separate rescue team. Thus, if you have a particular breed in mind then make sure to contact the owner of the rescue group and only then make a final decision.

Dog rescue organisations those are open

Other than that particular breed team, there are several organisations which are open to all dogs. These dogs are absolutely abandoned and are willing taken to the pound by their owner. However, a few of the rescue group visit every local animal shelter and take those dogs which are adaptable and those dogs are taken back to the rescue. These dogs are then given some training so that they become adoptable and are taken by owners quickly.


Rescue team is an incredible thing

The majority of the rescue organisations are taken care by volunteers who do not work for money but, out of love for dogs. A matter of fact is that there are a lot of dog lovers out in the world but not all of them are ready to adopt them. However, there are some who are willing to spend valuable time to take care of these magnificent creatures.

Certain rules of dog rescue

The team members or the people organising these teams generally do not give out dogs to just about anyone to adopt them. The family or the person willing to adopt a dog from the rescue has to undergo a rigorous process. You will require making the team aware of the living condition of the dog and also a bit about your family members. This process is rendered necessary to make sure that the dogs do not have to become homeless again.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you along with your family members are required to visit the foster home.

Availability of puppies at animal shelters

If you want puppies, then you should know that these are available at dog rescues more than they are available at the animal shelter. However, people want puppies more than they want adult dogs from the animal shelter. Thus, if you want a puppy, then you should get on the list a lot earlier.

dog rescue
dog rescue

Why does dog become homeless?

There are two primary reasons why they become homeless. The first reason is that some of the bad breeders produce bad or awful puppies which grow up to become terrible dogs. The second reason is that not everyone can handle gods very well. Due to unavailability or lack of maintenance people give up puppies which might turn out to be an absolutely right dog.

Things you need to take care of before you bring home a dog

There are a few things which you should be aware of before you bring a dog. A dog is just like your family member. Thus, you should be absolutely sure that you other family members are comfortable with that particular breed. You have to make sure which breed you would like to bring home, contact the nearest dog rescue and bring home the little bundle of joy.