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Where you get to know about dog training?
dog training

Where you get to know about dog training?


There are a lot of people who are of the opinion that dog training is hard and simply not possible to achieve. However, that is not completely true. While it can get very difficult to tame an animal, it is not completely impossible to do so. What’s more, training your dog can also be very fun.


Yes, there are certain breeds which are more difficult than others. In fact, there are some dogs which are just not meant to be trained in the first place. But overall, this is very doable and fun to do. However, before proceeding, there are certain things that you must be aware of. Here mentioned are some of those important things.

How to gauge success

Basically, you will have successfully trained your dog, provided you are able to teach him the essential skills that are required for a trained dog. What’s more, it is all the better if you have been able to teach him those skills in a manner that is enduring and fun. That means your dog training will pass for nought if he forgets those skills within a single day.

dog training

Hence, to sum it up overall, here are some of the parameters which can be used to gauge the amount of success in training your dog:

  • The time required to complete your dog training and pass on the skills required of him.
  • The skills that you have been able to teach to your dog.
  • How long the dog can retain these skills.

It is needless to say that if you are taking far too long to teach certain skills to your dog or if the dog keeps forgetting the skills being taught or if you are finding it impossible to teach him skills in the first place, it is not necessarily your fault in the first place. There are two main factors to consider here:

  • Your dedication as a trainer.
  • The natural ability of your dog.

In the end, however, if you are patient enough and stick with your pet for a long period of time without feeling frustrated and tired, you will be successful. Even your dog will start responding to your hard work and eventually, your dog training will pay off successfully.

  • Early Initiation

To put this, in short, you have to know that there are certain skills that you can teach your dog only when he or she is young. Thus, it also proves that the belief of not training puppies below the age of 6 months is completely wrong. There is a reason for this. Unlike us humans, dogs are evolved creatures and are capable of doing things we could not have imagined at the same age.


It is the same reason why a puppy who has lost his mother at a young age may still survive in this world on his own. However, that is something impossible for a human baby. So the best time to start your dog training is when he is learning his basic life skills. What this does is it allows the dog to adopt these set of skills for the rest of his life without forgetting.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that you have to have the patience of the highest order for succeeding in your endeavour. And for this, a reward and correction system may be used. For instance, patting him on the head lovingly or just giving him a cookie when able to do some trick successfully counts as a reward. After all, they crave their owner’s attention and admiration.

  • Persistence

Other than being patient with your dog’s training, you will also have to be persistent with him as well. If you quit far too early, it won’t be possible to get your dog training to be successful. You have to stick to your pet right till the end. Only then will he feel more encouraged to continue. And this is a process that you must continue until the end when the dog finally learns to do what is expected of him.

  • Consistency

You also have to be periodic and consistent in your dog training. If you keep too much gap between the training days, your pooch is bound to forget everything he has learnt over the past few days. Not only that, you must be consistent in your training methods.

dog training
dog training

Do not mix up your signals from time to time. Stay with what you have started it until your dog begins to grasp its meaning. Sending mixed signals will only cause confusion for your dog. And once it gets confused, it will become even harder to train him.

To Conclude

So there you go. If you wanted to know what it takes for dog training, and then read everything above, and you will have knowledge of all you need to know about this topic. After all, it is your best friend, and you should do everything you can in your power to fulfil that role.