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French Bulldog Dog Breed Information

French bulldog – Why it is a perfect dog to keep at home?

The French bulldog is considered to be a small breed of the domestic dogs. It was actually the result of the cross between the old bulldogs and the local matter of Paris. If you are thinking of the popularity of this dog, you can take data that these dogs are considered to be the fourth most popular dogs in the United Kingdom because of their cute look and wonderful nature.


Physical description:

  • These kinds of dogs are mainly of brindle or the fawn colour. Some of the other species are of white with the patches of brindle colour.
  • Their head is square and large. The top portion of their skull is overall flat, but the center position is little of round shape. The muscle of their cheeks is well built. The nose is considered to be extremely short.
  • The neck of French bulldog is well arched and thick. They have loose skin in their throat. Their forelegs are muscular, straight, short and stout. Their overall body is well rounded and short. Their hind legs will be muscular and strong.
  • The average weight of this kind of dog is around 5.4 kg. There are some of the bulldogs of this species which can have the weight from 7.3 kg to 11.3 kg.
  • The tail of this kind of dog will be a screw or straight. However, you will not be able to find out the curly tail in case of such dogs.

Overall, you can consider the physical look of this kind dog as strong and short. The overall shape you can consider as round.

french bulldog


The best thing for what people like French bulldog puppies is their calm and quite nature. They are considered as the clown dog in the dog kingdom because this kind of dog wants to have a lot of fun. They don’t need a huge amount of physical exercise to stay fit. The Little amount of walk on an everyday basis is enough for them to be fit. When they sit, they spread their hind legs, and that makes their sitting posture quite unique which is why they are considered as ‘frog dog’.

These dogs can make wonderful companions. They are always keen to stay close to the humans. They seldom bark. If they need the attention of others for any of their requirements only then, they will shout. These dogs are considered to be very much affectionate with all the family members especially with the owner and any other child of the house. So, if you are searching for a perfect breed that will be calm and cute, then French bulldog puppies can be considered as one of the best options.

French bulldog puppies
French bulldog puppies

 Health and hygiene:

In the case of such breed, you have to be little cautious with the health and hygiene. Normally, it has been seen that this kind of dogs has a lifespan of twelve to fourteen years. However, it can vary. Normally because of their breeding nature these dogs cannot cope with the extreme temperature change. So, if it is extremely cold or hot, they may face a bit of problem. So, in the winter season, it is always recommended for these dogs to keep them covered with any kind of cloth.

In the case of extremely hot and humid atmosphere you need to ensure that they get ample amount of cool temperature inside the room to stay fit. Patellar luxation can be considered as another problem which these dogs may suffer from. Sometimes at the time of their birth, they start facing this problem. Proper testing is required to determine whether the dog will have the presence of this kind of problem or not.


french bulldog breeders

Reproduction process:

As the hips of this kind of female bulldogs are very thin, these dogs normally cannot reproduce in a natural way. The male dog cannot mount on the female dog in most of the occasion. So, eighty percent of the reproduction requires artificial insemination. Erratic heat can be another problem which the female French bulldog can face. So, that thing is also necessary to be taken care of. So, when you are purchasing any such dog, you should make all these things clear with the French bulldog breeders.

A perfect breeding will be a very crucial thing that you should keep in mind to purchase a perfect dog. It will ensure that the bulldog will be off cool and calm nature which you are searching for. At the same time, it will have the best health and hygiene.

French bulldog breeders will be an extremely crucial person for you if you are going to purchase the dogs of this type. You need to buy the best breeding dogs to find out the best nature, colour, health and hygiene in them. It is true that if you can purchase such a dog with the actual nature of it and you are surely going to like it. It will provide all sorts of entertainment in your house.

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