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German Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Pictures
German Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Get the best German shepherd breeders at your home!

There has been a number of dog breeds seen you. But you might be thinking what makes this German Shepherd Dog so popular. When other breeds are seen evolving, then how come America be left behind. Thus this breed of German dog has been a most popular breed of dog with a high level of intelligence. The devotion and level of courage encountered by this breed of dogs are apparently incomparable. A high level of versatility, excellence and the serving system has made them widely recognised.


Among the top list of dog breeds, this category of German Shepherd Dog has been at the top. These German dogs have helped serving people in a wide number of facilities like militants, visiting the sick people, chasing criminals, searching illegal items, etc. This type of act played by the German dog has made them be the hero of the nation. These breed of dogs are always energised with an extra level of energy and are ready to work whenever they are assigned.

german shepherd dog

Highlights of features:

  • Leaving these German shepherd breeds alone for a longer time would eventually make them offensive and rude. It even turns them to be bored.
  • As these breeds of German dogs are quite smart, so they should be engaged in some activity in order to learn faster and work smartly.
  • A proper training to your Shepherd would allow them to behave socially well.
  • Always get a healthy breed from your purchase and never attempt for an irresponsible breed.


  • The size of male breed dogs varies from 24 to 26 inches whereas for female this range shifts in between 22 to 26 inches. But often their weight might disrupt your choice which probably is 75 to 95 pounds.
  • These breed of dogs are all reserved type which can be taken care off through a particular training and activeness.
  • It’s always suggested not to leave them jobless which would make them cruel.

Personality trait of German Shepherd:

In this case of German Shepherd, their nature varies widely. They no longer are aggressive. These breed of dogs usually do not make friends nor are they friendly. But simultaneously they are legally loyal to their masters. Thus because of this reason often militants make use of these German dogs. Their major duty is to reach out to the thieves in a much simple manner with their intelligence. Facing a regular shot of socialisation your German shepherd puppies should be ever ready to face the people’s view and other sights.

german shepherd puppies

Health type of German Shepherd:

These German shepherd puppies are all healthy, but on a contradiction, they are usually prone to poor health conditions. Before purchasing watch out that your puppy is a good breeder. A dog is tested for various reasons like the:

  • Hip Dysplasia which is a transmittable disease.
  • Elbow Dysplasia a basic heritable condition which is permutable in between the large breed dogs.
  • German dogs are genuinely common to these allergies thus it is required by you to handle them smartly.

How to care them:

These breed of German dogs have a lot of energy which they terribly require to burn down for an excessive level of work to be raised by them. Thus when they are left ideal for hours, then this might won’t suit you and your surroundings. Thus it has been a needed job to make your German shepherd perform an exercise on a regular basis. This will help them in maintaining their level of agility and obedience. In fact other than these, a German dog has jaws that can eventually destroy materials.


Feeding them:

It has been recommended for your German Shepherd to have a daily habit of taking 3 to 4 cups of dry foods that are rich in quality. This can be divided into two forms of a meal. How much an adult dog eats eventually increases their level of metabolism within their bodies. It’s your duty to add in or get your dog’s weight reduced that you think is making them aggressive. But apart from this, the food habit of German dogs is all a healthy diet.

german shepherd breeders

Colouring and grooming:

Originally this breed of German dogs used to be herd flocks in drastic climates. These dogs contain long hairs that have made them different from other. If you keep your dogs clean by allowing them to bath twice a day, then this will help in keeping them safe problem free with a maintained cleanliness. German dogs chew gums to make their teeth’s clean.


Thus, German shepherd breeders need to be bought keeping all points in mind. For kids, these German shepherd breeders are a must for the children when they are playing and having fun. Thus these dogs act a perfect companion for them.

German Shepherd Dog Pictures

German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd German Dog  German Shepherd Dog