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golden retriever Dog Breed Information and Pictures
golden retriever Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Golden retriever – a rare creature to this planet

Dogs are the most faithful animals, and that is the reason people prefer to have the dogs as their pet. The golden retriever is a popular breed of dogs which is obtained in large size. The breed is very much attracting, friendly and at the same time, they are very much intelligent. These dogs are also referred to as the golden and yes it is worthy of the name golden.


About the golden retriever

The golden retriever puppies are basically originated from the Scotland and presently it is being found several parts of the world. The far in the body of this dog suggests that the dog is more preferable to the winter climates rather than the warm tropical climates.

golden retriever puppies
golden retriever puppies

The traits have a height of fifty five centimetres to sixty centimetres for males and for females the height varies from fifty to fifty five centimetres. It bears a well-balanced body weight of thirty to thirty-five kilogrammes for males and for females it varies from twenty-five to thirty kilogrammes.

Origin and history of the breed

The golden retriever breeders came into existence in the nineteenth century. There was a popular sport named as the wildfowl hunting, and it is one of premier sport for the Scottish people.

But to attain the sport existing breed was insufficient because there were very few retrieving which could act actively in both glasses of water as well as inland so this special breed was developed by the cross-fertilization process.


To have such dogs as your pet, you should know the characteristics that it has got. Basically, the golden retriever dog is very strong breed, and they bear a dense coat of fur so that the water does not penetrate it easily. Generally, these kinds of dogs are found in three colour categories, and these categories are as follows:

  • Blonde
  • Yellow
  • and golden

The three categories of dogs do not vary in colour only rather they vary in the arrangement of fur coating and sometimes they even found to have different health problems. They are very cunning and smart, but they do not harm their master and it is known for its loyalty.

golden retriever breeders

Several types

The golden retriever dog is found in several types and among these types is elaborated in the points given below:

  • American type – these dogs are less muscular, they vary in their sizes, the males bears a height up to sixty-one centimetres and then the females extends up to fifty-seven centimetres. These are found in dark colours or in gold with a lustrous When they are, run their feet tends to converge in the direction of the centre of the line of balance.
  • British types – these types of dogs are found in Australia and in the European countries. They are very strong with a broadened skull. They bear a light colour coat of fur on their body. They have the dark and rounded eyes. These dogs are very much adapted to hunting and are popularly called as the gundogs.
  • Canadian type – the dogs of these category has the fur coat which much more thinly and the colour of the fur is very much light. They stand tall and are muscular too. They can withstand water to some extent.

Such types of dogs create their feature according to the climatic condition. Thus they suit themselves to the environment and survive against the harshness of the climatic condition.

golden retriever Dog
golden retriever Dog Breed

Health disorders

Being an animal, they too have disorder especially the golden retriever puppies have the disorder and the disorder that they commonly face are mentioned in the points given below:

  • They are very much prone to The living condition of these dogs allows the cancer cells in their body to escape from its dormant state.
  • The dogs are also prone to the lymph sarcoma which is also responsible for their death.
  • The cell tumour is very common for these kinds of dogs, and it also leads to cancer.
  • Moreover the elbow dysplasia and hips also responsible for hampering of one-fifth of the dog’s
  • They are also affected by the retinal; atrophy and glaucoma.

In order get off this disorder, one should keep his or her away from the street dogs, and also they should not allow these creatures to have the food from the street or from garbage. Moreover, the preliminary treatment is very essential to save the life whenever you notice some disorder in their body.

golden retriever breeders


The golden retriever breeders are very useful animals. Among the animals, this is one of the breeds that is very intelligent and at the same time faithful too. Since nineteenth century it has been widely preferred by the people of European, American and Australian people. Generally, it is loved by every pet lover but as it could only survive in the winter climate, so it is widely used in these parts of the world.

Golden Retriever Dog Pictures

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