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How to Care for Your Puppy- General Puppy Health Care

How to Care for Your Puppy- General Puppy Health Care

Puppies are the most adorable, beautiful and loving things in this world. If you have a new puppy in your family, you should need to take good care of this. If you wonder that how to care for your puppy, so this is a right post for you. Because this post will help you and guide you the right way to taking care of your new family member.


You should count in three things for that, first is puppy joy, the second one is your puppy cleanness, and the last and major one is your puppy food and feeding. Establish good health care of your puppy by our website. Hope you like this amazing and helpful guide to making your pet healthy.

Find a Good Dog’s Health Care Center or a Good Veterinarian

The first and most important step or factor for caring for your pet is finding a good veterinarian. Visit vet for the check up of your puppy, this checks up to ensure you the serious health issues and defects of your lovely friend. This step is important because of a good prevention health care routine of a puppy. If you don’t yet find a good vet, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Ask local dog walkers because they suggest you better than others and also give you the great source of ideas for grooming your pets.

How to Care for your Puppy by Purchase Quality Food

Good and Healthy diet is also very important for your dog. Locate the best dog’s food store and purchase quality food for your puppy and meet the vet and ensure the essential and required nutrients for puppy and purchase food according to these suggested nutrients by a vet. Make sure the food is fresh. Feed your dog according to his age and size. Following are the feed routine for a day according to dog’s age:

  • Dogs with the age of Six to Twelve Weeks – Four Meals a Day.
  • Dogs with the age of Three to Six Months – Three Meals Daily.
  • Dogs with the age of Six to Twelve Months – Two Meals Daily are enough.

Take Care of the Cleaning Routine and Bathroom Routine

Keeps your puppy clean, because puppies play outside, this may increase the risk of virus and disease. Take a bath to your puppy at least once or maximum twice a week, it will reduce the risk of infections, diseases, and viruses. Keep your puppy inside the home. Below the list for when you take out your puppy for potty:

  • Early in the morning, when you wake up.
  • Right before sleep or bedtime.
  • Right after when your puppy eats and drinks a lot.
  • When you pet to wake up.
  • After physical activity.

How to Care for Your Puppy

Notice the Early Signs of Sickness

How to care for your puppy by notice these symptoms of illness, for the start months, puppies might be ill and if you don’t take serious of these following symptoms of illness, it will be serious:

  • Unusual Weight Gain.
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea.
  • Nausea and upset stomach.
  • Pale Gums.
  • Red and swollen Eyes.
  • Breathing Difficulty.
  • Painful Abdomen.

These are common health issues in puppies, if you notice any of these problems, consult with your vet and follow the vet’s instructions.