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How To Stop Dogs From Biting

In the life of many a dog there comes a time when his owner must learn how to stop him from biting. A puppy that bites can be an annoyance but as she matures she becomes a danger and a threat to both strangers and loved ones. You must react very quickly to stop dogs from biting, as it is your responsibility to prevent your pet from becoming dangerous.


How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

One of the most common mistakes pet owners make is to assume that biting in a puppy is just a normal part of play. The dog is teething, so you figure its just a stage that hell outgrow. Not so! What your pup is actually doing is learning how to establish his place in the pack. His teeth are his tool for establishing dominance. Its best if you can nip this behavior (pun intended!) in the bud while your dog
is still a puppy. Under age six months, its very easy to retrain most dogs, as this is when they are forming lifelong habits and it is when they learn how to bite in the wild.

There are many ways to do this. Do not hit, do not scold Silence is golden. Ignore her when she bites you, remove your hands and leave. She will understand that this behavior does not please you and results in your departure. Or, divert her attention with replacement therapy; offer your dog a toy to nip instead of your hand. Another thing: when you play with your dog you do get him too excitemed? When you throw a ball to him, play tug of war, etcetera, these games are involving your hands.

So when your puppy gets excited he takes on your hands in his mouth because hes excited and hes establishing dominance. Don’t offer him this satisfaction, simply stop all its games where your dog gets excited. If you cant get your puppy to stop then you can take things a step further by hiring a trainer to teach him to stop biting or enrolling him in obedience class.


How To Stop Adult Dogs From Biting

A dog that has been allowed the run of the house and allowed to nip and bite to show whos in charge will start to move on to more aggressive biting habits at about one year of age. This is when play biting usually becomes a serious habit. So if you havent already, take the advice above and stop all wrestling, tug of war or other dominance related games.

Youre also going to have to reign your dog in around the house. Establish clear boundaries and cut down their territory. You may even have to resort to crate training or obedience training.

As Your Dog Ages

If you let your dogs biting problem go on for too long into adulthood it can become very dangerous. Past 12 months, if he is still nipping, he has firmly established himself as the leader of the pack. This means he can even turn on his owner and assert his dominance with an attack. Professional help is your best bet for older dogs. Unless your dog is sick or has a mental disorder, he can be retrained. But really, its best to get this bad behavior under control in puppy hood. Adult dogs who bite are dogs whose issues could have been resolved much more easily as puppies.