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Japanese Akita Inu Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Japanese Akita Inu Dog Breed Information and Pictures

What makes you fall in love with the Japanese Akita Inu?

Japanese Akita Inu is originated from northern lands of Japan. There are two different species of the Akita Inu dog one is narrow palette colour whereas another is slightly designed. The Japanese Akita is slightly different from the American Akita regarding colour and breed. The American Akita used to come in all colours.


What makes them adorable?

There are strong and sharp teeth which can give you scissor-like bite. When the dog senses any danger or enemy, it becomes aggressive although they are not too much aggressive. They also have a lovely tail and cat-like legs. They also have strong outer coating in various colours which also works as waterproofing and insulator. They used to hunt in the cold weather that is why they have such protection.

These all makes the Japanese Akita Inu very cute and adorable. However, the Akita is not for those dog lovers who are not used to it. You have to take care of the dog and keep a distance from the child. They are quite friendly with the cats. Bitches used to love children which does not resemble with the dogs.

Japanese Akita Inu breeders

What is the maintenance?

The Japanese Akita Inu breeders used to have stronger hunting instincts than the other breeders that are why you have to be little careful. When it comes to the maintenance, you don’t have to spend lots of money because they are low maintenance dog. However, you should have groomed the dog properly. It is an easy process to conduct grooming. They used to have heavy shedders than normal dogs.

You have to clean the shedders three times in a year apart from that you have to bathe it in every month. The bath can often be less, and it also depends on the requirement of the owner. The owner should trim the toenails every month, and the ear should be cleaned every week. They are one of the beautiful dogs on the planet with super hunting capabilities.

  • When it comes to the size, the adults can be a giant.
  • The colours of the Akita include brindle, white and pinto.
  • The length of the coat is short to medium.
  • The life span of the Japanese Akita Inu breeders is about 15 years which is common.
  • The weight and height of the dog 66-71cms and 35-50kgs respectively. The bitches used to have 61-66cms of height.

Japanese Akita Inu Dog

Why does the Akita not bark?

There are many rumours about the Akita’s barking. The main reason is not for barking is that they are a silent hunter and they used to hunt without any noise just like the cats. They used to hunt small animals in the natural environment that is why they don’t need to shout to hunt.

The Akita used to bark very less, but you should pay attention when it is barking. If there are any obvious reasons that time, the Akita will bark. The coat is there for a purpose which makes it well covered over the cold weather. Japanese Akita Inu Dog is very powerful with a noble presence. You may use them as private guards. These dogs are very courageous who can hunt deer.

Akita Inu

Akita dogs are the fearless beast that is why they never step back from the challenges. That is the main reason the dog owners love to own them. They are respectful, amazing and affectionate to the owners. If you train them well, they can be your best friend. They are quite social if you train them properly.

  • You have to groom them once in a week.
  • You may give them an occasional trim.
  • There is a little amount of hair shed.

When it comes to the shoulder height of the Akita (Japanese) they used to have 24-28 inches. Apart from that the Japanese Akita Inu puppies also have beautiful triangular eyes which look cute. They also own small ears which are angled and erect. They are quite large; the raised tail also enhances the look. There are webbed feet which help them to swim in the water without any problem.

Japanese Akita Inu puppies
The Japanese Akita Inu puppies

What makes the Japanese Akita Inu Dog active?

When the weather becomes cooler, the Akita will become active. If the Akita sees snow, then it will start hunting rabbits on the ground. They are very active when it comes to hunting rabbit all the day. They also love squirrels, rabbits and other small animals when it comes to hunting preferences. They also love the cold weather and small animals badly.

The Japanese Akita dogs are very confident when it comes to hunting approach. Apart from that they also loaded with repetitive skills which are very useful for hunting. If you want to own a Japanese Akita, then you have to train it properly. They are quite social that is why you can keep them with other pets. The Japanese Akita Inu puppies are cute and adorable.

Japanese Akita Inu Pictures

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