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Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information
Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information

The basic things you should know about Japanese Chins

Japanese Chins is also recognised as the Japanese Spaniel. When it comes to the Japanese dignity, it is the best dog for the acknowledgement. There are strabismus eyes which look good. When it comes to companion and lap dog, it will never disappoint you because it can play the roles properly. It is also known as toy breed for the distinctive heritage.


What makes it special?

When it comes to the speciality of the Japanese Chins, there are so many points that will surprise you. The first point is the size; it is not too tall the height of the dog is around 11 inches. The weight of the dog is around 4.1 kg. These are the points which make it very adorable and cute for the owners. If you want to own a lightweight dog, then it is the right choice.

Japanese Chins

How to take care of the dog?

When it comes to the instincts, it can bark, run and jump as well as chase depending on the situation. It also has a large head along with wide-set eyes that look cute. It is very expressive that is why you will enjoy the cute expressions on his/her face. You have to take care of the following things properly.

  • You should have few minutes for brushing and combing. There are average size shedders, so you have to conduct a complete brushing daily. Apart from that, you have to remove the hair daily to keep him full of the coat.
  • When it comes to summer days, you have to be careful about the Japanese Chins dog because they may not able to tolerate the heat properly. You should monitor the body temperature during hot summer.
  • It has the flat face that is why it has to snort and sneeze. They can breathe without any problem, but sometimes they may face problems that time you have to stroke the neck.
  • If you have an apartment, then it can adjust without any problem.
  • These dogs are very intelligent that is why you need to give them interesting task as well as fun related training. Otherwise, they might get bored of the same task daily. You may add interesting games to keep him
  • These dogs can play with the child, but you should not allow the small children to play with them.

Japanese Chin puppies

What are the basic exercises of the Japanese Chins dog?

It is a family dog that is why you should keep them with other family members for a companion. This breed loves everybody who is friendly with it. However, it can show aggression towards the strangers and unfamiliar situations. The small size makes them very friendly for jumping and running. There is some basic exercise which is recommended for this breed. It is quite hard to train the Chin because of their mischievous nature.


There is a rich coat in the Japanese Chin puppies that makes it attractive. It is very silky and smooth to the touch. It also has feathered ears along with thick coat and plumed tail. The front legs are longer than the rear legs. There are protruding eyes which are large and round. The colours of the eyes are dark.

  • It has an average lifespan of 10 years.
  • The weight is around 7 kg.
  • The dog is not that tall.

The puppies are very cute and adorable. There are straight bones in the front legs whereas the rear legs have slightly curved bone. The large tail is set in a minimal height that looks good. There is a colour patch in the coat that makes it interesting. Apart from that, there are red, orange, sable and white patches on the black body of the Japanese Chin puppies.

Japanese Chin breeders

What is the grooming of the Japanese Chins?

You should know that there are two types of hair in the coat one in under the coat whereas another is over the coat; it applies to most of the dogs. The Japanese Chin breeders do not have such hair in their coat instead of that there is a single layer of the coat. There are black and white combos on the coat whereas some dogs also have tricolour including red, white and brown.

There are many breeds which are not as exciting as the toy breed. It can match with toddlers and homes without any problems, but sometimes it is difficult to adjust. This dog can bite when anybody crosses the limit that is why you should keep your child away from the dog. These dogs are very dependable of the people, so you have to take care of them.

The Japanese Chin breeders can be the best companion for the owners. You should not keep them alone in the home because they may become bored. If you are looking for an adorable and compact size dog, then it is the best option for you. You should buy them from a recognised store.

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