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Labrador retriever dog Breed Information and Pictures
Labrador retriever dog Breed Information and Pictures

Need tips for keeping your Labrador retriever dog clean and active, and then come learn here!

It has been a common fact that dogs have been serving humanity over the past decades and have been loyal towards their masters. Often a wide variety of dogs breed is seen across the world at a variable cost price. Among those varieties the labrador retriever dog has been a friendly breed of dog that will serve you with great company. This breed of dog has served their masters with a wide category of services, let’s check out those services here and learn more about them.


Characteristics of Labrador dog:

  • The labrador retriever dog is genuinely friendly and most working breed of dogs.
  • This breed of dogs helps fisherman in hauling nets, fetching the ropes, and also by retrieving the fish.
  • This breed of labrador dogs are muscular and can be a strong athletic.
  • If these breed of dogs are feed more then they will eventually gain excessive weight and get fat.
  • This breed of dog can be made to learn and train well within less time.
Labrador retriever dog
Labrador retriever dog Breed

Personality view of labrador:

When talking about personality, then this breed of dog proves to be the top rated breed in terms of its sweet nature. In fact, their willing personality trait eventually makes them the best and easy one to learn things faster from their masters. Even the trainers feel easy to train this labrador breed of dog. Thus providing them with proper training eventually, makes others learn how effective and energised these breeds are. Keeping this breed of dog happy you probably need some activity to be done.

Health condition for labrador dogs:

Being a breed of dog, these labrador retriever breeders are too prone to some of the poor health conditions. So what are those health conditions let’s explore a bit?

  • Hip Dysplasia is a condition that is hereditary and thus is probably a condition in which the thighbone does not fit into the joints of the hip.
  • Elbow Dysplasia is generally caused by the growth of the three bones that are responsible for making up the dogs elbow.
  • Cataracts that is caused within eyes of a dog that makes the visibility difficult.
  • In fact, Myopathy affects the muscles and nerves.

labrador retriever breeders

How to take labrador care:

This breed of Labrador retriever is meant for being around your family rather than being at your backyards. Living a dog alone for hours may eventually make them obsessive and simply hurt their reputation. This won’t be acceptable to Labrador’s, and thus they will become their masters.  Providing them with a daily walk of 30 minutes will eventually make them active both physically and mentally. In fact, playing games with your Labrador will enrich their energy and make them burn off extra fats if developed.

But suppose that in case you are raising a Labrador retriever puppies then certainly you would require taking care in a much serious manner. Never allow you lab puppies to play on or across the rough surface as this will make them feel pain and eventually disturb their joints. Allow them to play on a soft surface like the grass; this will help their body develop well and face even tough surfaces. It has been seen that lab puppies seem happy when they have something in their mouth.

labrador care
How to take labrador care

What to feed them with?

There is a wide variety of food that probably needs to be served with your Labrador puppies and dogs. But simultaneously serving them with 2.5 to 3 cups of quality dry food would be much better especially with meals. Usually, people worry about feeding their adult dogs and about their quantity. But this all depends on upon what food habit your dogs are feeding on. Thus it all depends on upon Labrador retriever breeder’s age and size.


It would be highly recommendable if you measure your dog’s food and serve them with food twice a day. This will help them be in perfect shape. In fact, this type of food habit will also increase their body’s metabolism. To keep an eye over your Labradors being overweight just take them for a regular test. You can even check their stomach by your fingers touch and feel the empty stomach. But this can only be done when they are at puppy stage.

Labrador retriever puppies
Labrador retriever puppies

What colour does this breed of lab come in?

A Labrador retriever puppies genuinely are seen in two layers body surface one being short, thick and straight topcoat whereas the another one is seen to be in soft, water-resistant undercoat. Their coat comes in three colours that are black, brown and yellow. This depends on upon you what are you choosing. These breed of Labrador retriever simply require a bath every two months in order to keep them clean especially when they are labs. You should also trim their nails twice or thrice a week to keep them clean.

Labrador Retriever Dog Pictures

Labrador Dog

Labrador  Labrador Dog Labrador Retriever