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Get yourself the ever friendly and protective mastiff dogs

The existence of mastiffs has been there even before the time that history was started to be written. There are many carvings which have been found from the palace of Ashurbanipal in Babylon which depict large size dogs going to hunt the lions in the dry desert areas right near the river Tigris. These enormous hunting dogs had immense similarity to that of the mastiffs of today.


The ancient origin of the mastiffs

You will find that these curving have now been displayed in the museum in England. These dogs were first introduced by the Phoenician merchants in the early years of the 6th century to the ancient people of Britain. They were used as combat dogs for the purpose of accompanying their owners the ancient Celts to the battles.


 These mastiff dogs were quite the fighters; they were ferocious protectors and soldiers and excellent watchdogs. In fact, these excellent fighter dogs have played quite an important role in shaping the history. They were taken by the Italians and were used for the purpose of protecting their valuable properties. ‘

Also, they were used as guard dogs to make sure that the prisoners don’t escape. As per the historical records, it has been found or deduced that the mastiff dogs were also quite the favourite of the great Julius Caesar.

Their role in the modern world

Even in the modern world, these dogs have quite the role to play. This dog will be suitable for people for whom size is a big concern. However, before you decide on whether you wish to adopt a mastiff, you should be absolutely sure that you wish to be totally committed to the entire training process that he requires.

The training process is absolutely mandatory as without it the dog will not behave in a proper manner and will often cause trouble to the master by misbehaving. Similar to the other breeds of dogs, these dogs can also be easily trained, and once they have received the appropriate training, they show quite some dedication to their masters. The process of training becomes easier if they are mastiff puppies as later on their size increase and it gets difficult to control them.

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Proper and consistent training is important

Thus the biggest secret behind a successful training of the mastiff puppies is the degree of consistency of the trainer.

You might wonder what makes this particular breed of dog so special? These dogs have quite a bag size, and they are pretty bulky thus making it difficult for them to be flexible which is opposite to the case of small fluffy little dogs.

These dogs are quite even when it comes to their temperament, and they do not get angry or agitated pretty easily. This is the exact characteristic which makes this particular dog so easy or prone to becoming sedentary.

These dogs do not job or run on their own, why it is very important that you get them to exercise on a regular basis and keep them in proper contact with the outside world.

Socialise them, give them company

There is one nature of this dog which makes it different from the other dogs. They need to be in a company or in contact with people on a constant basis. If not, they tend to suffer from anxiety and get easily agitated. The training that your dog goes through will only prove to be useful if you have enough time to spend with him. It is a company of the master that they crave for the most. This is why these dogs are described to be highly social by nature.


This particular breed of dog has a tendency to make his masters happy. Thus is one trait that he is born with. But this doesn’t mean they are not stubborn. The mastiff has quite a streak of stubbornness within it, and the only way of handling it is if you are patient while training him.

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Get proper information about the mastiff puppies you are going to adopt

Well, if you have set your mind on adopting this particular puppy you need to consider and decide its age. A mastiff puppy which is only eight weeks old cannot live without his mother and hence cannot be separated. This is the exact time when the puppy gets lessons from his mother based on inhibition of biting and socialising.

As soon as your dog is of a proper and appropriate age to be taken home as per the mastiff breeders, it is important that you give it companionship on a daily basis until it comes to be of three months. This will prevent your dog from developing anxiety or agitation when it is not with people. Make sure that your dog is made to socialise with people as much as possible.

You will get more necessary information on them from the mastiff breeders.

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