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Welcome home a cute and adorable Papillon dog

Papillon dog is one of the cutest breeds of dogs. The dogs of this breed have ears like of a butterfly wing and so they got their name from the same concept. The cute little Papillon puppy is very adorable and has really lovely eyes. The dog has following features to attract you towards his pretty smile:

  • Adorable round face
  • Perfect scissors bite teeth
  • Ears are beautiful butterfly wing style
  • Round black thin rimmed eyes
  • Long and furry tail
  • Single four fine coat

The Papillon dog has the most amazing features in the entire dog species. They are very quick, and these cute little things are going to make your very happy when you have them. The Papillon basically has a white fur coat with highlighted eyes and ears with other colors like lemon or golden brown.

The other color covers them on back as well as the front. This alternate fur gives them a very bright and cute look. The tail of a Papillon is the most amazing feature of his body after the eyes and lovely ears. You can simply notice their cuteness for as long as you want.

Stunning features and development

The little Papillon dog is very cute, and the fur complements their features in all ways. You can simply love this dog at once sight. These dogs are very comfortable in a company, either of a human or other animal. But special care should be taken while you little furball is with other animals as others could take advantage of the fact that Papillon’s claws are removed. While these dogs are very attractive and trustworthy, they can be aggressive rarely if not taken care.

Social and lovable

You should start giving them companies when they are small Papillon puppies. This could be easy for them to handle and also understand their surroundings. These dogs are very friendly and enjoy the company of a large family or a single loving owner equally.

Papillon breeders often advice to always keep these pets in the company of others for their better development and building a comforting and soothing behavior of the pets. Once you have them settled in a company, it is no difficult to get them social soon.

The Papillon puppies are always full of energy, so you need extra care in having them out or while at exercising. Most often these dogs are very comfortable with a high temperature, but they need special care during winters.

Breed the Papillon the correct way

The Papillon breed is very adventurous and happy creature so you can play with them all the day long without any decline in their energy. The dogs have a lifespan of 17 years with 11.45 years as the best average of the breed. This breed of dogs is very cheerful and always loving, and they are upset with anything apart from bad behavior. So you should always watch yourself when you are going to talk to this pretty little dog.

Papillon breeders advise to take the dogs for exercise and also to have good care of their health when they are growing. This breed mainly has two colors on their fur, but some of them grew up with three contrasting colors. Their beauty lies in their fur coat and long straight furry tail. The color adds to their beauty and no doubt the small round eyes looks even more beautiful in a trio.


Coming from royalty and cuteness

There two varieties of Papillon were traced back in the past. The first one has butterfly winged ears while the other has ears bend slightly downwards like a night moth. Their tails are curled up so sometimes they were referred to as Squirrel Spaniel. The Papillon has found his place even in the lap of Queen Sophie of Prussia in 1730’s. The wonderful history is this breed full of all such tales and a connection with the royalty.

The dog of this breed are generally very active, and since they have so many features, their price is also a bit high than the other breeds. This dog has always been a symbol for cuteness and is very adorable behavior. These dogs require special care, but health wise they are perfect, and only some minor health problems come up with these dogs. So you don’t have to struggle with them a lot. And their diet is also simple like other dogs, so you save on that part as well.

The Papillon is a very trustworthy and cute breed of dogs to have a company. You can always rely on them when it comes to being social and comfortable in a company. These intelligent dogs need some good exercise and high amount of care to keep things working with the owner. If you cannot resist, you can snuggle these dogs and become a proud owner of these lovely pets. The idea of having a little Papillon in your is very energetic and a cute thought like the dog.

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