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Information regarding the Welsh Pembroke Corgi breeds

Learn more about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs!

This breed of dog is not known too much. However, for all those do not know about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs are small and low slung which weighs between 27 to 30 pounds, whereas a bitch weighs around 25 to 28 pounds. The dog stands between 12 to 10 withers for both sexes. This majestic yet small dog is one of a kind and can quickly become a favourite of anybody who loves dogs.


Information regarding the Welsh Pembroke Corgi breeds!

The coat of this dog is usually hard and water resistant. The typical colour of the dog’s hair is red, but these dogs are also seen with tan, black, fawn and sable colour coat as well. However, the coating extends to some part of the legs, chest, muzzle as well as stomach.

The muzzle or the nose of this dog is long and pointed. Their ears are upright. They have very short legs. However, this short length signifies that this breed is considered for cattle herding.

The most interesting part about this dog is its tail. Sometimes, these dogs are born tailless and even sometimes their tail is docked. These dogs are known as only Corgi or even Welsh Corgi dogs.

Welsh Corgi dogs

The history of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs

This is an ancient breed. They date back to the 11th century. During the early times, these dogs were primarily used to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. It was only during late when the dog was brought to England by the weavers. However, they were still used to herd cattle, protect houses and farms.

There is an urban legend regarding these dogs were developed so that, they could pull carriages or could be used as a mount for riding during battles. These dogs were separately designated a breed from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the year of 1934.

How is the temperament of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies?

There is a common saying when it comes to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs, more than often they are called ‘a small dog in a big dog’s suit.’ The reason is that this creature might look small, but it is confident and mature just like one big dog. Sometimes, they are even more matured than the larger dogs. They are especially useful and playful around children. They have a very spirited and lively nature associated with them. Thus, these are best when it comes to interacting with the family.

If you Pembroke Welsh corgi breeders properly socialised the dog with other pets, then it is not too difficult to make the dog meet different pet dogs. One of the best advantages is that these are excellent watchdogs, they bark just when they see an intruder at first sight.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies

Kinds of health problems associated with this breed of dog

Just like any other dog breed, this dog also has a few problems. However, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a relatively healthy breed of dog. One of the biggest problems one faces with their dog is back problem. They have a very ling back and sometimes, this can become the reason of arthritis or even severe disc problems.

However, there is a simple solution to the health mentioned above issue. All Pembroke Welsh corgi breeders’ needs to take care are to maintain its weight. Being fit and healthy is the answer to any kinds of health problems. Moreover, this dog also suffers from hip dysplasia.



If you think that this breed of dog required extensive grooming to keep the coat in shape, then you are wrong. Their skin is so tight that just by being effortless you can maintain the coat in good condition. Brushing the coat twice every week removes dead hair and evenly distributes the natural body oil.

Ears and teeth are other crucial points that should be kept clean and checked as and when necessary. To prevent tooth decay, you should brush the teeth of your dog at least twice a week; this will prevent cavity and accumulation of germs.

Pembroke Welsh corgi breeders

What is the ideal living condition of Corgi dog?

Last but not the least; you should keep in mind the lives of the dog as well. Since this little dog is a herding dog, it needs plenty of exercises to stay healthy and fit. These dogs love to play and take long walks. However, they might suffer a little bit if they are kept outside for long hours.

Cold winters are very harsh for Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies. Thus, you should always handle with care. Space is not a problem for these dogs. If you have sufficient space in your apartment for these dogs to move around and exercise, then you are ready to go. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very friendly creature and can also adapt to almost any situation.

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