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Poodle Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Poodle Dog Breed Information and Pictures

How to know different types poodle puppies?

If you don’t know about the Poodle, then you should have a look at the group of the formal dogs. There are many groups such as standard, toy and miniature poodle. There are four different sizes of the Poodle dogs which can be distinguished by the size of the dogs. These dogs are very clever that is why they can impress you. These dogs are the best when it comes to a pet.


Why should you adopt a poodle dog?

If you are looking for a dog to keep it as a pet, then you should go for the poodle. There are many colours exists in the coat which makes it attractive. There are many people who have claimed different places for the origin of the poodles. It also resembles like the German water dog. These dogs are very adorable that is why you should adopt them.

poodle puppies
poodle puppies

There are many people who have told that it was originated from a cross breed between several water dogs such as French, Hungarian, Spanish and Russian. If you want to know more about the Poodle, then you have to read the history of that breed. These dogs can hunt, but people love to keep them as a pet that is why this ability is submerged.

What makes you fall for poodle dog?

There are different colours in the coat of the poodles. It belongs to German, but the breed was standardised in the France. The poodle is loaded with different skills which are very useful in dog sports. Poodle is very agile, herding and obedient that is why most of the people love to keep them as a pet.

  • When it comes to the nature of the poodle dog, you should know that they are very intelligent and playful. You should train the dog it will keep the dog active. Learning new things can be very funny for the poodles which are better than getting bored. The poodles are not destructive at all.
  • You should keep the dog healthy by providing a good amount of exercise and training. You may take to the professional groomer every six weeks. You may try the same at home if you want to save the grooming expenses.
  • The poodles used to have weepy eyes which are surrounded by the hair. You have to cut down those hairs to maintain the vision of the dogs.
  • You should not buy any puppies from the unknown breeders or any unrecognised You should adopt the dogs from the reputed breeders.
  • You should adopt those puppies which do not affect by any diseases.
  • When it comes to the lifespan of the Poodle dogs, they used to live for 12-15 years.

The height of the poodle breeders starts from the 10 inches for the males whereas 9 inches for the female. The weight of the poodle is between 6-9 pounds. There are Miniature Poodles whose height start from 11 inches and ends at 15 inches. The weight of the Miniature Poodle varies at 15-17 pounds. The FCI has stated that the poodles are the old French Barbet breed.

poodle dog

What are the primary requirements of the poodles?

The poodles are very active when it comes to jumping and activities. They are very intelligent and elegant dogs. These dogs are very cute; the best part is that you can clip them with traditional fashion. You have to be careful about the grooming process of the dogs.

  • When it comes to the nutrition and feeding, you must give important puppy food to the puppies.
  • You should maintain the hypoallergenic coat for the poodles. You should take the dog for professional grooming regularly.
  • You can take the poodle for regular running and swimming.
  • The poodle breeders are a healthy breed that is why they don’t require too many medicines.

What is the attribute of the dog breed?

The poodle puppies do not have an extra coat like other dogs. There is a single coating over the dense. You have to shed the curly fur to make it minimal. They also have long ears which are flat that is why they look cute. The front and back legs are proportioned with the tail. The tail is also used for the balancing purpose.


poodle breeders

When it comes to the grooming of the dogs, then you have to maintain the square appearance of the dogs. When it comes to the length as well as the height of the poodles they are not very large. They also have a rounded skull along with forward facing eyes which look cute at all. You can play with the dogs or go for a daily walk which should conduct lots of exercises.

The poodle puppies are very cute although they have little behaviour problems. You should bring them to an open place where both of you can walk. The Poodle also needs extensive grooming. You have to keep them clean by providing a regular bath.

Poodle Dog Pictures

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