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Pug Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Pug Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Having a Pug as your pet companion

Pug puppies are one of the cutest breeds of dogs out there. They are sweet by nature and are eager to lighten the mood of their owners. As such, they make for one of the best kind of pets that you will ever find during your lifetime. Here in this article, you will find out what it is like to have pugs as companions and what you should know about them beforehand.


Why A Pug?

If you are looking for a dog companion, then this breed is probably the best choice for you. Do keep in mind that they are not the biggest, nor are they the fiercest and nor are they the wildest amongst all the breed of dogs. Yes, you will occasionally see some pugs which have been bred for hunting or rescuing or herding. However, their primary role is to shower their owner with love.

If you are new to this breed of dogs, then it is always suggested that you do some amount of research before buying one for yourself. Here summarised are some of the most general facts about a Pug that you should familiarise yourself with.

Pug puppies
Pug puppies

About Pugs

  • Size

As you probably know just by looking at it, this breed is classified as a ‘toy’ dog because of its relatively small size. However, it is bigger than most of the other dogs in the ‘toy’ breed. And for dogs that small in size, they pack quite a punch.

You can view them from any direction you like, and they would still appear to be rectangular no matter what. By measurement, these dogs range from 10-12 inches in length and weigh around 14-18 pounds in total. Also, they are usually as tall as they are long. This is why they seem rectangular as mentioned above.

  • Colour

When it comes to the colour of a Pug dog, you will find that most of them are fawn and/or black. The fawn coated ones range in colour from apricot to silver. The black furred ones are obviously fully black in colour starting from their nose to their ears and to their mouths.

But what is common amongst all of them is the fact that their fur is incredibly soft to feel and touch. This is especially true for the area around their ears. In fact, many people feel that it almost feels like velvet. However, because of the distinct looks of the apricot pugs, they are preferred more in comparison to the black coated ones.

  • Health

One of the most important things that you must know about is the fact that pugs have a face that is very pushed-in in nature. As a result, it is tougher for the dog to breathe properly. You need to keep the health condition of your Pug dog in check because of this and make sure you do not exercise the poor thing too much.

An easy way to detect such an abnormally is if there is any problem in its diet, or if it is exhausted all the time or if it keeps getting ill every now and then. It also tends to keep its tail rolled down when such a thing happens to its health.

Pug dog breed

  • Personality

As far as personality is concerned, this breed has a varied number of personalities. But whatever it is, it never looks like it is fierce or about to shred someone. It enjoys playing different games and likes being trained by its owner. Start early with its training, and you will be able to teach him tricks that will last a lifetime.

It is because of this loving nature of Pug puppies that they make such wonderful pets. As mentioned before, they are big black balls of loving fur who will cheer up your day no matter what kind of mood you are in.

Training Tips

Training your little friend is also an important aspect of taking care of him. You can ask any Pug breeder for help regarding this matter, and they will be able to give you some tips. However, in general, here are some of the tips that you can follow for training your dog.

Pug Dog Breed
Pug Dog Breed Information
  • Being the leader: Pugs can tend to be very stubborn. As such, you need to start strong to them and establish the fact that you are the leader.
  • House training: While this is a pretty big subject, in general, this refers to training your dog not to urinate or defecate inside the house at any given point of time.
  • Following Commands: In order for your friend to be able to follow your commands, you have to establish the meaning of each one to them in a manner that is understandable. And this is something which can be done only if you start early.
  • Socialisation: Pugs can be very moody and unsocial in nature. Once again, to prevent this, you must start training early.

All in all, that is everything you will need to know about dealing with your dog. Make sure that you also take the help of a Pug breeder in order to put things together perfectly. After all, the health of your little friend is at stake here. So do everything that you can.

Pug Dog Pictures

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