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Puppy Potty Training Regression

Puppy Potty Training Regression

My fried has a male chocolate lab, which she adopted when he was 6 months old. She potty trained him to be a sharp and obedient dog and he learned good potty habits.


However, at about 8 months old, he started peeing and pooping in the all over the house. Even after she tried to stop him he continued to do it over and over always in the same places.

My friend was angry and very frustrated with her puppy behavior and began looking for alternatives for puppy potty training Regression to solve her problem.

Im sure there are many other dog owners who have this problem. Although puppy potty training Regression can be very annoying, especially after your pet has gone through the entire puppy potty training routine, it is a common issue and can be sorted out with a little patience and some good puppy potty training tips.

Do not worry, this does not mean you have to train your puppy all over again; his regression will only take a few steps to reverse. Here are some effective puppy potty training techniques for regression, which help to relieve you and your pet of this difficult situation:

1. The best way to avoid puppy potty training regression in the first place is to train your pet is as soon as possible after bringing her home.In general, the ideal dog potty training age is 8 weeks. But if it is comfortable and youve develped a good connection with your pet they can begin even earlier, as young puppies are simpler to train than older puppies.

2. Next step is to create a puppy potty training schedule in which your pet gets his dog food and water at the same time every day. That way you can keep a track of bowel movement and urination frequency and time.

Because of this you will be able to better anticipate. Its best to take your dog outside 15-20 minutes before the expected time, or shortly after your pet eats or drinks.

In the case of the dog that has an accident before you take him outside, write down how much time has passed since eating or drinking and the next time youll take him out earlier.


Tip: Feed your dog at least 2 hours before going to bed, so you have time to take her out. If she has the run of the house while you sleep, you have no idea what shes up to.

Puppy Potty Training

3. Potty Training Padss can be very helpful in potty training Regression. These pads are easy to clean and remove any water. Shortly before the expected time that your dog usually goes, you can present her with the pad. Initially, your dog may be a little reluctant to go, but eventually it will get used performing on the pads and will eventually develop this as a habit.

4. Crate Training is another option for your puppy especially if you are not there to watch over him. Your puppy is less likely to relieve himself in the crate. But it is recommended not to keep the puppy in the crate for a very long time. So do not forget to take him out when you think hes ready to go, and as soon as he poops or pees outside, shower him with praise.

Remember, puppy potty training takes patience. Every time your puppy makes a mistake you must remove the dog from the house right away and take it to the right place and say potty, go potty. The dog is reminded that the House not the right place to do his business, and eventually he will learn to do it outside.

And every time she goes potty outside, dont forget to reward her with treats, a pat on the back, and plenty of proasie.

If after a few months of trying, if you still have puppy potty training problems, a veterinarian should be consulted to check for health problems.