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Rottweiler dog Breed Information

Rottweiler dog and everything you need to know about them

A Rottweiler is a brave, intelligent and loyal dog whose kind had originated in Germany. It can turn into one of your most faithful and loyal companions. The only problem with them is they need proper training and care, so you must not be a first-time dog owner. You must handle them with experience and care. Once trained perfectly, you need not worry about them in future.


Understanding a Rottweiler

A Rottweiler is a calm, smart, intelligent, and confident dog who is neither too shy nor does it get too excited without any reason. You may spot some differences in the male and female Rottweiler’s, but in overall, they are similar in their natures. They are the ones with ‘wait and watch’ type nature. They won’t act unless they sense threats. They are loyal, devoted to their owners, and have a strong desire to protect their masters from every possible threat they sense. They are also very affectionate towards their household members.

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Rottweiler is a large, powerful dog that requires extensive understanding, training, proper guidance and an experienced handler. Even if they are raised with proper training, sometimes they become ferocious to protect their owners from those people whom they treat as potential threats. So they must be given some early training on socialisation before they grow into an adult. They love their owners to a great extent, so they must not be left alone for hours, or they may become destructive.

As they are quite active, they must be provided with frequent exercises. Some of the good breed Rottweiler dog gets well along with the kids of the family, but some simply don’t. So it would be good for the owners to raise a Rottweiler puppies along with the children so that they understands the kids and learns how to behave with them. Well, the owner must be cautious while raising them with kids.

An adult Rottweilers must be taught to behave well with other domestic pets present in the house, or they may turn aggressive towards them in the owner’s absence. As mentioned above, they must be trained and socialised as early as possible. Well, they can be stubborn at times, but as because they are intelligent, they can be easily trained. So you need not worry, all you need to have is a little patience.

Nature of Rottweilers varies to some extent. Some are easy going with everyone whereas some can be tough owing to their heredity. You must choose the type suitable for your family, especially the ones with a nice and acceptable temperament. They must be trained and taught to fearsome consequences for their inappropriate behaviours. A Rottweiler is recommended for the people who had earlier experience with dogs and is strongly discouraged for the first time owners.

Taking care of a Rottweiler

Rottweiler’s need frequent exercises to release energy. So take your Rottweiler puppies for small walks and make sure he has few exercises every day. Always remember to engage the dog in various activities or he may turn mischievous. Provide it with proper care such as regular grooming, minimum washing, brushing, cutting off its nails, and regular visits to veterinary doctors. You may buy a crate for the dog but never keep him there for a longer time.

Rottweiler puppies
Rottweiler puppies

Proper food diet

Plan a proper food diet for your dog by consulting with a vet beforehand. The dog must be fed with nutritive foods those can help in building up the skeletal system. Feed the dog only before exercises, or it may develop serious health problems in future. Routinely train your puppy to do potty outside of the house as a sign of good behaviour. If you find any health problems like allergies, hip dysplasia, bloat, etc., consult the vets immediately.


Socialisation is must needed factor for the Rottweiler breeds. Early interaction with other pets and humans can help it to grow normally and adapt itself to the surroundings. If the puppy is raised alone, it may turn aggressive in future. So try to raise the dog with other Rottweiler puppies or small pets, if not with its original mother. But raising it up along with its own family is preferred. The main point is, you must take care of its comfort to a great extent and raise it properly.

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Consult with Rottweiler breeders before buying one

Try to buy your dog from reputed Rottweiler breeders who conduct regular health screenings. Health screenings can provide you with information about the health status of the puppies, which can help you to buy one who is cleared of any health problems. Before buying a puppy, you must gather as much information about it as possible, make sure it is cleared of all sorts of health problems, and perform the necessary medication by consulting with its breeders and vets.

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