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Come! Get to know the specifics of a Samoyed dog!

The Samoyed dog is the dog goal of every dog lover. These are medium sized dogs and have a very muscular body or a body with healthy muscle growth. For a male, the size is about 22 to 23 ½ inches tall. And, for a female the size is about 19 – 21 inches tall. As you can very well make out, as the height of the dog increases the weight increases as well. For a male, the average weight varies from forty-five to sixty-five pounds. A bitch weighs somewhere around 35 – 50 lbs.


Their fur coat

The fur coat of a Samoyed is its specialty. However, due to its fluffy coat, a great deal of its muscular strength remains covered.

Their eyes are Bowman shaped which are deeply set. It is of dark color and a bit full on the sides. They have a tail which ranges from medium to long, and it is rolled on their back. They have flat feet, but most of it is covered by ample amount of hair. Since they have very high muscular built, their legs are robust and muscular. Their neck is filled with fur, however; this coat of fur appears to make a ruff near their neck which helps to keep them in their cold native climate. The coat is a bit harsh to feel.

History of Samoyed

History of Samoyed

The Samoyed dog is a very old breed and ancient too. These dogs are native to the land of Siberia. Most commonly this breed of dogs was used by fishermen and hunters and sometimes shepherds even. These are great guard dogs, and thus, they are used for guarding homes, used as sled dogs and also utilized in the herding of reindeer.

In the ancient times, people used to sleep with this dog by their side in cold countries, because it helped them to keep warm. In the year of 1889, this breed of dog was first brought in England by the explorer Robert Scott and from then onwards the refining of this breed started, and it became famous worldwide. AKC recognized it in the year of 1906.

Attitude of the Samoyed with people

Their temperament is that of a happy go lucky dog. The have a very playful nature and can easily socialize with people. However, these dogs are devoted to their owners. However, the only downfall of this particular dog is that it is very friendly and hence, if anyone tries to burgle your house, this dog will come of no use for alerting you.

However, their strange yet exciting bark will make you alert of a stranger nearby. You need to start training this in the early age as soon as possible. It is best to imbibe the manner while they are still a puppy. The Samoyed breeders need to assert themselves over their dog in a very calm manner.

While these dogs are still Samoyed puppies, it should be able to go through a lot of physical as well as mental training. Exercising the dog is crucial because they have adamant muscles which should be toned. Therefore, if you take care of these dogs, you will see that they are exceptionally good in their nature.

 Come! Get to know the specifics of a Samoyed dog!

Certain health issues you should be aware of

Just like any other dogs, this dog also has health issues like hip dysplasia and has a risk of diabetes. These dogs are prone to skin allergies, and their eyes may also get affected by PRA. Their life expectancy ranges to twelve to fifteen years. However, with great care and training, the life expectancy can increase by a great deal.



Only a look at this breed of Samoyed puppies, you can realize that a significant amount of brushing and combing is required. Just like seasonal shredders, these dogs melt very quickly and thus, during the molting season their coat should frequently be brushed and combed. One of the biggest advantages of grooming is that it keeps them clean and frequent bathing is also not required.

What are the living conditions of the Samoyed?

These gods can very easily adapt to any living situation. Moreover, you can keep them inside an apartment if they are trained very well. Samoyed breeders need to have ample space because; these dogs are very active indoors.

What are the living conditions of the Samoyed?

Weather conditions

The Samoyed is a native of Siberia and hence, they are excellent with cold weather condition. However, hot and humid climate does not suit this dog well. Due to their dark fur and muscular body, these dogs might be a bit uncomfortable in tropical regions. These dogs are great with children and family. There is absolutely no problem if you keep other dog breeds with other dogs.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying Samoyed puppies, then you should do this only after knowing the facts and specifics of this dog!

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