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shiba inu Dog Breed Information
shiba inu Dog Breed Information

Shiba Inu is a different breed with lovely blood line

Shiba Inu belongs to the terrain of the mountains. It was originated for the bred hunting. It looks quite similar to the Japanese Akita, but there are much noticeable different too. It has a distinctive bloodline. These dogs are smaller than the Japanese Akita dogs, but the temperament is the same over this breed. The middle-aged dogs are in perfect shape and size.


Why is this considered as the smart dog?

When it comes to training part, the Shiba Inu is not like the Golden Retriever. You have to call the Shiba Inu several times if it feels good then it will come to you. You may feed the Shiba Inu to make it comfortable. It is compact in size along with powerful muscles. The males used to have strong muscles.

shiba inu breed

The average weight of the Shiba Inu is around 10kgs for the male whereas the females used to have a weight around 8kgs. Although they have moderate bone, they are quite strong. They are the smallest dogs among the Japanese dogs that are why most of the people love them. These dogs are developed for hunting the small animals over the mountains.

How does the Shiba Inu Dog hunt?

The Shiba Inu dogs used to hunt by sight as well as scent. They are very agile with sensitive senses that are why they can be a sharp hunter and an excellent watchdog. They are compact in size but agile in movement. When it comes to the appearance of the male and female both have a distinctive appearance than each other. The dogs are quite adiposity whereas the bitches are the feminine type.

shiba inu dog

You have to go through the important adoption process. The life span of the Shiba dogs is good with an average life of 15 years. The life span depends on the health of the dogs. If you are looking for a Shiba Inu puppy, then you should look for the character of the dog. You have to spend lots of time with the puppy to make it your best friend.

What are the important for the Shiba Dogs?

Almost every Shiba Inu Dog used to live from 12 to 15 years. You have to train your dogs to make it friendly with people and other pets. Apart from that exercise is an essential task for every dog. It is preferable to a healthy life. They are hunters that are why you have to they are agile.

shiba inu puppies
shiba inu puppies

What are the requirements of the Shiba Inu dogs?

The dogs should be groomed and cleaned properly. The coat is short to medium in length whereas the outer coating is 2.5 to 3.2cms long. The coating makes them waterproof that is why you have to give them a deep bath. There is protection against the cold that is why they can hunt in the snowy environment. You have to maintain the following points for the dogs.

  • When it comes to feeding, you have to maintain the nutrition. The Shiba Inu puppies need good nutrition for the growth.
  • When it comes to coating and grooming, you have to maintain the short coat and weekly grooming by a brush. You may opt for an occasional bath for the dog.
  • Exercise should be done on a daily basis this will help your dog to maintain the health. You can take it for a long walk.

You should not go for daily brushing because this can create a problem in the seasonal changes. If you own a Shiba Inu, then you need to secure the fence. He loves to run and jump that is why you should keep him under your eyes. The dogs also have digging skills which may make him dirty. If he loses the fence, then you may not be able to find him again.

  • The Shiba dogs are very cute. They can do anything followed by their mind.
  • Shiba Inu puppies are quite intelligent. They will find another way if the previous one is not working properly.
  • He can be very innocent when he found that his nose in the cookie jars. He can give an innocent look to you.

shiba inu breeders

When it comes to the purpose of the Shiba Inu breeders, they were bred to hunt animals. There are many dogs that are aggressive towards the same sex Shiba Inu this is the common behaviours of the dog. Many of them used to chase and fight others when they become aggressive.  Apart from that, the Shiba Inu loves to hunt rabbit and hamster. If you have a friendly dog, then it can play with the dog.

Shiba Inu breeders used to have the agility by which it tracks the rabbit and small animals. If you don’t train it, then it will waste its power to destroy your garden and room. You should play with the dog this is the best way to make it busy. It can pass through small holes just like the cats.

Shiba Inu Dog Pictures

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