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Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information
Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information

Shih Tzu dog and everything you need to know about it

A sweet and lovable dog, Shih Tzu is considered as one of the best toy dogs to provide your company with. They are happy, outgoing, lovable, affectionate, and can always remain at your side no matter where you are. Originally breed in China, they are now found in every part of the world. Lovable and playful at heart, these dogs are one of the sweethearts amongst people. So let’s take a brief look at them in this article.



They are little adorable toy dogs, with a short muzzle and dark eyes. Most of their body portions are covered with thick and protective fur, stretching from their ears to curly tails. The coats are mostly of white colour, though different other colours can be seen. When grown up, a Shih Tzu dog can gain a weight of 10-20 pounds. Due to their long coats, they need proper care, regular grooming and trimming. So it becomes quite expensive at times to look after these dogs.

They come in a various mixture of colours like gold, black and white. Their silky coats are termed as hypoallergenic in few of the popular dog websites. They do shed less, unlike other similar breeds. The coat only wears out during brushing or grooming, though that’s a rare case. Their saliva is sometimes responsible for triggering allergic reactions to the owners. So in all, they are just like human babies those needs to be treated with care.


Understanding a Shih Tzu

One of the sweetest of toy breeds; they are popular as lap dogs for a long time. They are neither hunting dogs, nor can they guard you properly. But they are sure to do one thing i.e. to provide you company, the main reason behind their breeding. You can try to train them, and they may prove useful to some extent, but they are not easy to train as because of their stubborn natures. In fact, they are not that type of dog who likes to be trained, though that doesn’t mean they are lazy.

They are the ones with sweet and affectionate temperaments. But like other dogs, early training and socialisation should be given to the Shih Tzu Puppies. Early training on how to socialise with guests, other domestic pets, and with small children can help them to grow into a better and well behaved dog. They are friendly in nature and offer their affections to not only the owner but to the people they know, to the kids and often to the strangers.

Small dogs are mostly known for their outrageous nature and excessive barking, which, fortunately, is not the case with a Shih Tzu. But don’t leave the dog untrained in the house. You must be patient and give the Shih Tzu puppies a few basic training. Though they are kid friendly, they are not the best choice particularly for a house with toddlers.  Unintentionally, they may cause harm to toddlers. So it is advisable for the owners to be a little cautious while they are around kids.

Shih Tzu dog breeds

In all, they are attention seeking dogs those are at their best when lying in the lap of their owners. They are particularly bred to be loved and love back in return. Don’t expect them to guard you or protect your house, because it’s simply against their nature. Though they are alert in nature and can alert you when they sense threats, they cannot provide you with further assistance like other large breed dogs can do.

How to care for Shih Tzu dog breeds?

Their maintenance coast can be high at times, though finding a shelter for these dogs is not a matter of concern. Taking them for short walks outdoors and providing them the company is always a good idea. As they are not that active, they must not be subjected to hard training. As because they are sensitive to heat, they must always be kept in cool surroundings. The owners must always keep a look at these dogs to save them from unintentional harms.

Daily combing and brushing along with occasional grooming are necessary for these dogs. Check for its nail growths and cut them when they grow. Plan with vets and supply it with nutritive foods. Take precautions to protect them from any kind of infections. They are prone to several health diseases like allergies, canine hip dysplasia, etc. So, regular visits to vets are advised.

shih tzu puppies
shih tzu puppies

Consult with Shih Tzu breeders before buying a puppy

Always buy a puppy from reputable Shih Tzu breeders, those who conducts regular health check-ups for the puppies. It is advisable to gather information about the dogs, check about its early life and if it is affected by any kind of diseases before buying them. After making sure if everything is alright, buy one of your choices and bring it to home.

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