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Keeping small dog breeds as domestic pets
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Keeping small dog breeds as domestic pets

Dogs are widely used as domestic pets due to their usefulness. They can be energetic, loyal, friendly, lovable, helpful, protective, intelligent and more. Now there are varieties of dogs, ranging from small dog breeds to standard sizes and bigger ones. If you can let your dog a bigger apartment, you can go for the standard breeds. But if you want a dog that can move along with you or can fit into the smaller apartments easily, small dogs would be a preferred choice.


Small dog breeds those can be kept as domestic pets

As mentioned above, there are varieties of dog breeds available in the market. Let’s discuss few of the small dog breeds below.

affenpinscher dog

  • Affenpinscher– Often called as “monkey dog”, Affenpinschers are small and energetic those can perfectly fit into smaller apartments. They can help you to get rid of unwanted mice and rats in the house.

brussels griffon dog

  • Brussels Griffon– They is intelligent, alert, smart, sturdy, and are short bodied. From providing good nutrition to regular grooming, they need proper care throughout their life span. They are energetic and playful, thus needs frequent exercises. One of the positive factors about this breed is that they can socialise with others easily.

cavalier king charles spaniel dog

  • Cavalier king Charles Spaniel– They are one of the popular small dog breeds with a fearless personality. They have a royal appearance, are small and active, and needs no trimming and sculpting, though regular brushing is required. This dog is perfect for a family with small children as they are kid tolerant.

english toy spaniel dog

  • English toy spaniel– They are small, healthy, sturdy and compact toy dog with an affectionate demeanour and flowing coat. They are loyal, obedient, and medium energetic, but can be playful at times. Regular combing and brushing are required for this breed.

chihuahua dog

  • Chihuahua– A little dog with cute looks. Though they can run and play around, they are at their best when kept indoors. They need proper feeding, occasional brushing of the coat, and medium exercises.

coton de tulear dog

  • Coton de Tulear– They are sweet looking small dogs who loves to be in his master’s company all the time, be it lying at his/her feet or following him/her all around and getting patted.

chinese crested dog

  • Chinese Crested– They are healthy toy dogs those comes with distinctions. One breed has the presence of hair only on their heads, tails and feet, while the other is totally covered with hair. They are a good companion, obedient, loyal, and fun loving. They need proper care and good nutritive foods throughout their lives.

french bulldog

  • French bulldog– Not very kids friendly, yet a good companion for adult owners. They are playful, entertaining and are devoted towards their masters. They shed less and require grooming once in a while. Also, they are good with other pets. So they are a good choice for a family with no kids.

maltese dog

  • Maltese– These sweet natured dog breeds are active, gentle, affectionate, tolerant, intelligent, fun loving and kid friendly. They are popular for being a lap dog for a long time.

west highland white terrier dog

  • West Highland white Terrier– They are small, friendly, playful and independent toy dogs those are affectionate towards kids. They do not need high maintenance except regular grooming once in a while. Known for barking, they are not friendly towards other pets. Otherwise, they are one of the best small dog breeds to be found.

papillon dog

  • Papillon– They are small and friendly dogs with a sweet temperament. They are gentle and much devoted towards their masters, playful, entertaining and quite active most of the time. Also, they are very friendly towards others including kids, other domestic pets and strangers.

pug dog

  • Pug– They are healthy dogs with strong legs, though not that energetic in nature. Kids friendly, playful, entertaining and gentle, they are faithful to their masters. While training them can be hard, but their curious nature proves fruitful at times. They need proper care, regular brushing and cleaning of the coats occasionally.

havanese dog

  • Havanese– They are playful, kid-friendly, affectionate and attention seeking ones amongst the small dog breeds. They need medium maintenance while growing up. Though they are responsive, yet are hard to train. Owing to their friendly nature towards everyone, they can make up for a good domestic pet.

Pros of keeping small dogs as domestic pets

  • They perfectly fit into the smaller apartments
  • Requires fewer exercises, thus saving your time
  • Most small dogs live longer when compared to the larger dogs
  • Easy to travel with them from one place to another
  • They are often cute and adorable
  • Their maintenance cost is low, the major advantageous factor for keeping them as pets


  • Small dog breeds are mostly known for their outrageous natures, thus unsafe for other domestic pets and kids in home
  • Most of them have the problem of excessive barking
  • Training them is a difficult job
  • They are to be treated with proper care, or they may turn furious at times. These are the few cons that prevent small dog breeds from being a good domestic pet.