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St. Bernard dog Breed Information and Pictures
St. Bernard dog Breed Information

All you need to know about the St. Bernard

Back in the earlier days, the ancestors of the St. Bernard breed of dogs actually began their journey as Swiss herding dogs. Thus this particular breed of dog was actually created with the intention of providing rescue services to people and tourists who were stranded in unknown places.


The St Bernard is fiercely protective of the kids

You might wonder how the St. Bernard managed to transform into rescue dogs from the Swiss herding dogs they originally were. Well, these dogs were injected with some Newfoundland blood right into their bloodline for the purpose of accomplishing this particular transformation. Thus, it is resulted the ever famous and ever popular St. Bernard dog.

St. Bernard dog
St. Bernard dog Breed Information

It has been found that this breed of dog is highly friendly and gentle when it comes to kids. They love children and are highly protective of them. This is what has made this particular breed of dog so famous, popular and likeable among the generation. It is the gentle nature which they show towards children. But that doesn’t mean that they are always gentle.

The St. Bernard dog is quite the watch dog and is an even better and an absolutely efficient guard dog. Thus you will always get a sound asleep at your house in the presence of this particular dog. It has been proved several times that they have quite the temperament and thus you will never find a better and more efficient guard than this protector right from the mountains of Swiss who is fiercely loyal to its master.

They are quite the rescue dog and are also efficient guard dogs

Since the St. Bernard dog was originally supposed to act as a rescue for the travellers who were either in danger or were stranded, they have been found to be quite the rescue dog and this rescue was not even limited to the situations where it involved mountains. This breed of dog has so much strength and power that it is quite capable of pulling out a fully grown person from out of the snow in which he might have got buried into at the time of a snow storm.

St. Bernard dog breed
St. Bernard dog breed

Also you can completely trust a St. Bernard dog not only near adults and children but also near infants owing to their surprisingly gentle and affectionate nature towards them. They have quite a large size, thus if your house doesn’t have a big backyard or a proper garden or any form of large space, it is not ideal to have this particular breed of dog.

This is mainly because they need quite a lot of space for the purpose of stretching and exercising. They have quite a knack towards a good amount of exercise and they enjoy running and waling a lot.

Give your Bernard loads of exercise

If you wish to keep your St. Bernard dog completely fit and healthy, it is highly crucial and mandatory that you pay some proper attention to their diet and food routine. They are quite the big eater which is not surprising at all owing to their big size. Thus you need to give them the appropriate type of food for the purpose of balancing them out.

Also you will have to regularly brush their coat and make absolutely sure that there is no clump or matt in their silky smooth coat. Also you will find that this particular breed of dog has a beautiful and heavy coat and hence it has been known to shed a lot. Thus it is very important you brush them on a daily basis to ensure that their coat remains fully glossy and healthy and all those extra hairs which were ready to be shed are removed.

This will make sure that your dog is comfortable and does not feel restless. Also, especially during the summer season, it has been found that the Bernard might be feeling some discomfort due to its big coat and thus if you live in places with a hot climate, it is recommended that you get your dog a haircut.


Always try and provide the best lavish treatments to your Bernard. Treat them well at all times. They are quite the protective dog and thus they will bite anyone if they feel that the person they are protecting is in any danger.

St Bernard puppies
St Bernard puppies

Needless to mention the St Bernard puppies will also require high amount of care from your part. They will need constant attention and will need a lot of love and affection from their masters. It is said that the nature of a dog is shaped right from its puppy years.


Thus if you wish your Bernard to be completely loyal and highly affectionate towards you, start treating the St Bernard puppies in a loving and a good manner. Only then will they grow up to respect and love their masters.

St. Bernard Dog Pictures

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