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What do you need to know about a Vizsla dog?

What do you need to know about a Vizsla dog?

Each and every dog lover must have heard about this breed pf dog. Sometimes, the Vizsla dogs are mistaken with the Redbone Coonhound. However, this breed is of far more light build than the previously mention Coonhound dogs. The height till which the shoulder of these dogs reaches is 23 to 26. However, for a bitch, their shoulder reached till 20 to 24. The weight of the dog is somewhere around sixty pounds. But, the weight varies from one sex to another. You can very easily distinguish your dog from other pet dogs because; they have a unique color of their coat i.e. rusty reddish color.


A few facts regarding the Vizsla dog

The tail of the dogs varies from one dog to another because; its tail is usually docked to one-third of their total body length. On an average, these dogs live for about twelve to fifteen years.

More commonly the dog is also known as Hungarian Pointer, Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla and the Short Haired Pointing dog.

Vizsla Breed

History about the Vizsla breed

A long time back, people of Hungary or the Magyar tribes had arrived here with their hunting dogs, these dogs were the forerunner of the Vizsla breed. As far as the memory stretches, the oldest pictorial of the Vizsla is ancient where it shows the dog with its owner carrying a falcon as the prize of their hunt.

It was only in the year of 1357 when this breed of dog was first mentioned in writing. From then onwards, the Vizsla puppies were considered a part of the aristocrats. Moe than often, this dog was made to breed with the Turkish Yellow Dog which is now extinct.

It was for the hard work and dedication of the Vizsla breeders that these dogs made a comeback after the World War 2 where they faced near extinction.

How is the temperament of these dogs?

If you are working with this breed, then you should know that this dog is very gentle around the family. However, they have very high energy levels and these needs to be tackled with care every day. One of its specialty is that they are very well around children if they are properly made to exercise, but might be a bit too much for little kids to handle.

The height of the dog is gigantic. Therefore, they can easily be considered as a working dog. It thrives on exercise. However, its skill and agility are too good.

There is a downfall of not giving too much training and exercise. The mental and physical health might be at risk they are not adequately trained or made to train. They can blend with other pets as well if they are made to socialize very early. But it would be best not to trust these dogs with other pet dogs inside the house.

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Certain health issues

The Vizsla breeders should be well aware of all the health issues with a particular dog of the Vizsla breed. They have a very restricted gene pool; however, this dog made an excellent comeback from this. They are mainly free from any genetic disorder. However, food allergies and hip dysplasia are very common among this dog.


Since on an average, the lifespan of this dog is about 14 years, if you properly train and exercise your dog, then you can easily keep the dog for more than the stipulated range.


One of the easiest works to be done with the Vizsla puppies is their grooming. It is very minimal. Their coat should be thoroughly brushed to keep dead hair off their skin and to make it look shiny and healthy. As a matter of fact, the health of dogs can very easily distinguish between their skin conditions.

You do not even have to bathe this dog regularly. Instead, you give it a dry shampoo. Dogs that have floppy ears should be checked for infection at least twice a month and should be kept dry and clean.

Vizsla puppies

What is the living condition of this type of dog?

They can easily interact with their human family. However, one of the best disadvantages is that these dogs crave for attention. They prefer to sleep on their owner’s bed if they are allowed to do so. But, be aware of the fact that, these dogs do not blend very well inside small apartments. However, they are very active outside the apartment. The primary reason why they do not blend well inside an apartment is that they do not get an outlet for their bottled up energy.

Sometimes, they can become a bit destructive and highly-strung. The owner should make it a point to exercise the dog well regardless of where they stay. Long walks are a favorite of the Vizsla dog and should occasionally be allowed off the leash.

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