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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information
Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information

What do you need to know about Cocker spaniel?

Cocker spaniel dog belongs to the small hunting spaniel group is the darling of several dog lovers. It can be English cocker spaniel or American cocker spaniel, but this species, in general, is known as Cocker Spaniel. In the 19th century this canine group had been created as a hunting dog, but gradually it becomes a lovable pet of house owners.


It is one of the very popular canine species among the dog fascinated persons. Long ears, big eyes, cute tail, silky coat, friendly- behaviour makes you feel love for him. You would be amazed to see how easily he can adjust himself to a new family. Usually, the lifetime of this animal is between 12-15 years; if dog owners want, they can train the pet as it is a trainable species.

Characteristics of cocker spaniel dog

  • Nature of cocker spaniel:

As it is earlier mentioned, that this canine is created for hunting, so it is a trainable species. If dog owner gives proper training to his cocker pet dog, it would be a great hunting spaniel and serve many purposes. On the other side, Cocker Spaniel is friendly, playful and quite in nature. It doesn’t bark unless there is something wrong. Most importantly it is a faithful pet. Owners can depend on them.

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  • Height and Weight:

The height of the male English cocker spaniel is 38 to 43 cm and female is between 36 and 41cm. In the case of American Cocker, males’ height is normally seen between 37 and 39cm and females are 34 to 37cm. And in both categories, average weight is 12- 15 kg.

  • Available Colours:

Buyers get a number of coat colour options ranging from tri-color to single colour pets. Black and white are very common; but apart from that brown, red, silver, tan, buff, even tri colour cocker is also accessible.

Important things about cocker spaniel puppies:

Cocker spaniel puppies often get excited and peeing on the floor; dog owner should not be surprised if it happens to them because cocker spaniels are nervous.

  • Cockers are very friendly in nature and enjoy the attention of his new family and like to please his owners as well. But while he is watching small birds or tiny animals roaming around him, he tries to catch it up because he is a hunting dog. Therefore owner should use dog leash while he is not into enclosed area.
  • Despite their hunting behaviour, cockers are very soft and affectionate. So, never throw them into a harsh training program as they might get frightened. Though Cocker Spaniel dog is trainable, try some result oriented gentle training method so that pet thoroughly enjoys it.
  • The best part of Cockers is long ears that make them cute and adorable, but the owner should aware of infection that normally occurs inner side of ears. Every week owners should check and gently clean ears.
  • Whenever someone plans for a puppy, he or she should have accessed registered and licensed breeders; to get a healthy cocker puppy, go to some well-known cocker spaniel breeders.


Diseases that affect Cocker Spaniel

  • Cocker spaniel most of the time affected by the eye abnormalities; it can be glaucoma, cataract and progressive retinal atrophy; even this species sometimes lost their eyesight due to acute eye diseases. Owners should take care of pets’ eyes.
  • If pets suffer from hair loss, low energy and get fatty, your cocker may be affected by hypothyroidism disorder. It’s a thyroid gland that causes all these abnormalities even improper function of thyroid gland causes epilepsy attack also.
  • As allergies are common diseases among dogs, proper sanitization needs to be done. Keep your dog clean and clear; combing and brushing are essential especially while dogs have a thick coat. Apart from emphasising on cleanliness, keep an eye on the food habit of your Cocker Spaniel; as often food allergy makes your dog weak. Even airborne particles cause breathing problem which leads to the inhalant allergy.
  • Canine hip dysplasia is hip deformation disease; pets which are affected by it are unable to produce off springs. Patellar luxation is another bone disease. It, basically a dislocation of knee joint, is very painful just like Canine hip dysplasia.



How to choose cocker spaniel breeders?

While you are going for buying cocker spaniel puppies, there are certain issues that need to be checked carefully-

Whether it is a legitimate and licensed cocker breeders or not?  How long they have been involved in this business and their previous record and background history etc. Because all these questions help you to decide the breeding centre of cocker puppy. After all, everyone wants to buy a healthy puppy.


Dog owners are requested while they buy a puppy ask the cocker spaniel breeders to show proof that shows his parents are not affected by Canine hip dysplasia or any serious health issues- it is mandatory.

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