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What makes you fall for the Westie Terrier?

The nickname of the westie terrier dog is Westie. Most of the people also call them as westy. It was found in the Scottish lands. There are many modern techniques which are used to enhance the breeding program. It has made the breed more distinctive with a white coat.  You should conduct well training because of the independent nature. It will not take too much time for the new exercise.


What makes them attractive?

When it comes to the physical appearance of the Westy, you will love the see the dark color of the dog. The ears are pointed and erect that looks good with their head. When it comes to the weight and height of the dogs, you will be surprised to hear that they are only 11 inches tall and weighs around 9 kg. The body is comparatively shorter than the head.

Westie Terrier dog

What are the health-related issues?

When it comes to the health of the westie terrier dog you should know that they have an average lifespan of 11.4 years. There are many dogs that have lived more than 15 years; it depends on the health of the dog. You should visit the clinic regularly to maintain the health of the dogs. The litter puppies are used to have few more years than the average lifespan.

  • It is quite easy to train the dogs, but you have to include the positive gestures to make it funnier. They used to have a self-esteem that makes the training hard for the owners. You should keep them busy to avoid the harsh.
  • You should conduct regular brushing over the coat. Apart from that, you should increase the grooming strategies properly with regular brushing. You should go for a stripping twice in a year for the hair of the Westie Terrier
  • You don’t need to go for the intense exercise for this breed. However, you should go with them for a regular The dog might sense the low level of the energy at the house.
  • He might go for any dwelling, so you have to be very careful while you are in the apartment. If your dog is not trained well, then it might go out of control.
  • It can bark when it sees a stranger in your house.
  • The best part is that it is a social dog that can live with everyone. It can adjust with children, men, and women without any problem.

Westie Terrier

How to take care of the Westie Terrier dog?

When it comes to the training part of the dogs, you don’t have to go to the high class or professional trainers because this breed does not require high training. You should go for a daily walk and run with this dog; it will help them to spend the energy. Thus you don’t need to worry at the time of taking a nap. You should conduct the training from the young age for better trust and confidence.

  • You have to track the nutrition in the food. Nutrition, protein, vitamins and carbohydrate is very important for the puppyhood.
  • Westie Terrier used to have a dry coat. It is quite easy for grooming and other staff.
  • They are very quick when it comes to running and jumping.
  • This is a healthy breed, and they are less affected by the viruses.

What about the shedding of the westie terrier puppies?

When it comes to the shedding of the dogs, you should know that there are little shedding is present over the body of the puppies and dogs. If shedding is not done properly, then it can cause some serious problems. It is always recommended to go for a regular combing and brushing. They can wall for a long time without any break that is why you should supply healthy food.


When it comes to the history of the westie terrier puppies, there are many interesting factors. These dogs are connected to the west highlands of the Dandie Dinmont, Scottish, and many places. These are the branches of the same breed. These dogs are aggressive hunters because earlier they used to hunt for the badgers, fox, and other small animals.

westie terrier puppies

When it comes to the appearance of the dog, you will be surprised to see the interesting and adorable appearance of the dog. They are independent of the terrier personality. You can keep the westie terrier breeders as a family pet. They are quite entertaining when it comes to a companion. You can take them out as your jogging partner. There are many stores where you can buy this breed without any problem because these dogs are DNA tested.

If you are looking for a small but beautiful puppy, then you should buy the westie terrier breeders because it has all the qualities which will match with you. They are the keen watchdog which can be kept in the house without any problem. They are not that much reactive when it comes to interaction with a stranger.

Westie Terrier Dog Pictures

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