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yorkshire terrier dog breed information
yorkshire terrier dog breed information and pictures

Yorkshire terrier – a perfect dog to keep at home

When you talk about the cutest dogs, then the name of Yorkshire terrier will be at the top of the list. There is no doubt about the fact that this cute little dog will be a great friend for you because they have a very calm and simple attitude towards the other members of the family. So, if you are searching for a pet dog, then this dog can be a very good option for you.



Well, when you consider about Yorkshire terrier then you need to talk about the sweetness of this dog. These dogs are extremely calm and patient in case of their temperament. When you consider the matter of training a dog you should always keep in mind that these dogs are extremely easy to be trained properly. These dogs will be really a good friend to the children of your home.

yorkshire terrier dog

They are smart naturally, and they can learn a lot of things quite quickly. At the same time, you should keep in mind that these dogs love to run or play. Whatever surrounding they receive they accept it gladly. In any sort of situation of the home, they will be able to behave easily. There is only one negative thing in this dog that it has a barking tendency. However, this habit can be great for these dogs to be perfect watchdogs. However, if you train them properly, it will not bark that much if it does not see a stranger at home.

One of the best things about these dogs is that they always feel comfortable when they are with the other family members of the house. So, they can be considered as very social dogs, and this is why it will really be a great experience to keep these dogs at home as a pet.

Different coats:

When you are purchasing Yorkshire terrier puppies, you should be very much cautious with the coats it has. The hair of this dog must be silky, straight, fine and glossy. So, if you are purchasing such a dog of a good breed, you should find a dog with that quality. As per the coat colour is a concern you are going to get a good amount variety for the same.

  • Dark black colour coat
  • Silver blue colour with the pale cream mixture
  • Tan dogs with blue saddle

So, as per the colour is a concern there will be a good amount variety. However, you can choose the dogs of your favourite colour. However, the most important thing over here will be to choose the quality of the coat because it will define whether you are purchasing the dog of the right breed or not.

yorkshire terrier puppies
yorkshire terrier puppies

Looks of the dog:

You consider that the looks of the Yorkshire terrier puppies it will be short and cute. It is very much hairy. Their maximum weight will be 6.8 kg. These dogs have short tail and legs. However, those are quite muscular. The height of the dog will be not more than three to four feet. It has a lifespan of thirteen to fifteen years. Throughout the lifespan, a good quality breed dog will look extremely glossy.

The owners of these kinds of dogs will be proud of the look of their pets. In New York and in many other places of USA a lot of dog shows are arranged where this kind of dogs will be a permanent member. Often these dogs will help you to win the contest. A full-size dog will really be a treat to watch for the others.

yorkshire terrier breeders

Perfect for home:

The Yorkshire terrier dog will be a perfect option for you to keep at home for plenty of reasons.

  • The dog is normally has a calm and quiet nature which is safe for the other members of the home, especially for the children.
  • These dogs are extremely intelligent and have a tendency to learn things as quick as possible. This is why it will be easier for you to train them in a proper way.
  • These dogs are really good to watch dogs. If you train them properly, they will only bark when they see a stranger.
  • As per the health is a concern these dogs can have the tendency of having some genetic problems. However, you can easily handle the health problems of Yorkshire terrier dog.
  • The dog is small in size, and this is why for most of the family members of the house will be able to handle this dog easily.

So, if you have decided to purchase this dog, then you should always opt for the best Yorkshire terrier breeders. Then only you will be able to get a healthy dog which will survive long and will also look just the perfect. They will be able to be trained properly. So, if you want to purchase the quality dog of this species, you must contact the best Yorkshire terrier breeders.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Pictures

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